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  1. sddk

    [Guide] How to generate 200k traffic every year

    Maybe we accept it as a general estimation But to get a conversion rate of 1% from that results, this depends on other SEO/Marketing factors like the authority of your website, the quality of your content, your niche, and how you do pre-marketing ... etc
  2. sddk

    Joomla or Wordpress ? help me

    Joomla is a powerful CMS used to create big websites, and in the security side, it's really solid than many CMS platforms including Wordpress. While WordPress is very popular because it's easy to use, mostly useful for blogs and small websites, and has a large directory of plugins and themes...
  3. sddk

    What you do to take the motivation back?

    Just start an idea, not reading about it, but start it and enhance it. You've read enough and need to start the work Start a blog in a niche you like, write good articles about somethings titled with low competition keywords (check google keyword planner) and insert some banners or recommend...
  4. sddk

    Is article submission still worth it or not?

    If that articles directory has a high domain authority, and if you write a good quality content and build some quality backlinks (doing on/off-page SEO for this article page), I think this still working if you do it gradually and continually. But you should be aware that this strategy is only...
  5. sddk

    What can you tell me about

    Many affiliate networks use Paxum as a payment option for their affiliates I think they are good, especially providing clients with bank accounts that support ACH transfer while they have some high fees, like fees related to wire transfers ...
  6. sddk

    Amazon Affiliate Shop or Review Website?

    review websites have to look professional with good review and rating scripts, writing content is the hardest part while eCommerce sites need to look trustworthy and popular to convince people to buy directly both need experience and work, but i prefer a review website in a niche a like...
  7. sddk

    Amazon Associates Program for Health Niche

    Hi guys, I'm sure that many BHW members are promoting health and fitness products through Amazon associates program and through other networks, for that I'm asking: How are the CTR and commissions good compared to other health affiliate programs found on CJ and Linshare ... etc? Should I go...
  8. sddk

    How To Index Website In Google Within minute ?

    If your site is new you don't need to think about that indexing because it is something useless without ranking But if you build your website the right way (content+SEO) and share it in social sites, forums, blogs ... etc. then, your site will get indexed within minutes and start getting ranked...
  9. sddk

    Canonical Tag for duplicate content

    I thought canonical tag is used to tell search engines that the content in this page is a copy from the mentioned URL in the tag (where the unique content is) Can this tag used to avoid duplicate content problems with search engines in case that content is copied from an external website? This...
  10. sddk

    Canonical Tag for duplicate content

    Hi guys, I have a directory in my website with many categories, that means a lot of listings to add The problem is that it takes a long time to create unique content about every listing, and for that I'm asking if I add content from the original website, for example a listing about Norton...
  11. sddk

    Using a domain name with a hyphen? Good or Bad?

    with or whthout a hyphen , what do you think? is it only a difference of look? vs
  12. sddk

    Using a domain name with a hyphen? Good or Bad?

    Hi guys, I have that domain name with two important words in my niche and which contains a hyphen in it (like: I don't know if it is a good idea to build and maintain a website with this domain name on a long term basis. What do you day guys?
  13. sddk

    Anywhere else to spend Paxum money, besides buying adult traffic?

    You said it, give it for free :) Send it to my Paxum account and you'll be good :)
  14. sddk

    Free .com .net .org .uk .ch .biz .cn .de .nl .sk Domains need Phone number !

    Tried many many virtual numbers but not working, mostly American or European local numbers work fine, if not no activation ): Any one can help? .. it's just an SMS!
  15. sddk

    My website without original content mostly.. is it bad?

    I have started a new website to promote some products, so I add descriptions and photos from my merchant's website (copy/paste) to create pages for public reviews. My question is: Will that affect negatively my website ranking in search engines? And what if visitors add reviews to these...
  16. sddk

    Does CJ accept paying to a 3rd party bank account by direct deposit ?

    In my case, the money is from CJ and this is so obvious for payoneer, other payment processors or even for my local bank, For that, payoneer still offering US payment service for their clients till now (affiliates mostly), and other companies still offering check cashing for many affiliates...
  17. sddk

    Does CJ accept paying to a 3rd party bank account by direct deposit ?

    But if they accept payoneer , they'll accept other payment processors or any 3rd party you choose, like Skrill, payza... or other money transfer services, because when using payoneer you'll add their bank account details, not yours, right?
  18. sddk

    Does CJ accept paying to a 3rd party bank account by direct deposit ?

    Are u sure about that demonicsheikh? The bank account that I want to send money to, is my payment service bank account (with their company name) and I'm doing that because I cannot wait for checks and my country is not accepted for direct deposits. What to do now?
  19. sddk

    Does CJ accept paying to a 3rd party bank account by direct deposit ?

    Hi guys, I wonder if I can fill out the direct deposit info by NOT adding my bank account details BUT a 3rd party bank account details, Because I want CJ to send my earned commissions to a payment processor, to add funds to my debit Master Card, Does CJ accept paying to a 3rd party bank...