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  1. LoverMarketing

    Pinterest ads worth?

    I don't speak about 10 bucks, I can invest up to 200$ but don't know the right place. :)
  2. LoverMarketing

    Pinterest ads worth?

    What is the best way to get traffic from your opinion? What is the best paid traffic? I want to invest some money somewhere. But Facebook Instagram Quora and Pinterest ads don't worth too much. I tried and don't get nice results.
  3. LoverMarketing

    Paid ads where to publish article?

    It is a good way to get decent traffic through ads? Do they reserve any amount when you connect the card? If you did ads there, can you explain to me how it works?
  4. LoverMarketing

    Paid ads where to publish article?

    Can anyone share any useful video related to creating ads on Google, Facebook, or Reddit? I don't waste my time and money without results. I looking for the best option to get quality traffic.
  5. LoverMarketing

    Pinterest ads worth?

    Yeah, I recognized it with free traffic. I posted more than 120 Pins and my audience is like 4k. But only 50 persons visited my website. It isn't soo good. Do you know where is the best place to pay ads and get decent traffic on your offer?
  6. LoverMarketing

    Looking for best Pinterest Scheduler...

    Can Jarvee do that job for me or anyone similar bot? If you know which one is best please let me know.
  7. LoverMarketing

    What is the best way to promote blog with products from Amazon?

    I promoted my blog sometimes through FB Groups and I successfully got some clicks on my products, but that isn't what I expected. Is there any kind of website like medium or similar websites where can I publish my article or run ads to get decent traffic? Also, if anyone can share how to...
  8. LoverMarketing

    Paid ads where to publish article?

    Hello everyone, can anyone suggest the best place to run ads and get a decent traffic source to my blog? I tried Instagram ads and it doesn't worth too much. Maybe I make a mistake in targeting the audience. Which one is the best from your experience that allows posting affiliate blog posts...
  9. LoverMarketing

    Pinterest ads worth?

    Which is the best platform for paid ads? I plan to share every day at least 7-10 posts on Pinterest to get some traffic on my blog. Maybe it is a bad way but I saw in some cases people have more than 10k views. I tried to share every day at least 10 pins and I got 800 views in a week but...
  10. LoverMarketing

    Pinterest ads worth?

    haha ... okay 50$ doesn't matter. How much traffic can I drive to my webpage?
  11. LoverMarketing

    Pinterest ads worth?

    I think to pay some ads on Pinterest is worth it? Can I get decent traffic with 10$?
  12. LoverMarketing

    Best Pay Per App Install Sites?

    I'm also interested for PPD for Windows Programs if anyone knows any good site which pays per download. Please let me know.
  13. LoverMarketing

    Best Pinterest Automation Bot... Anyone can suggest?

    I looking for schedule Pinterest Pins.
  14. LoverMarketing

    Can anyone attract traffic from Hong Hong?

    I would like to bring real people to my offer from Hong Hong. If anyone can do it please contact me for more details.
  15. LoverMarketing

    Diablo9975’s Premium Social Signals | 6 Platforms | Starts at $5 | Established 2011 | Drip Feed!

    I received a report of my order. I can say I'm very happy to work is successfully done. If you looking for the best Social Signals with fast delivery. I can suggest the @Diablo9975 service. Because, the vendor is a very kind and do his work properly and deliver report very fast. I saw the...
  16. LoverMarketing

    I need an advice for PBN's cheap and medium quality :)

    If anyone can suggest any service from here, which you've used before and had well results I will be very grateful :)
  17. LoverMarketing

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with one Instagram Account. I need help!

    I connected my FB acc to Instagram profile but I have trouble when I would like to create an ad.
  18. LoverMarketing

    [Method] Get links from (and others)

    How to bypass creating apk file or theft it? That si so important for reviewing?
  19. LoverMarketing

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with one Instagram Account. I need help!

    I'll try but I think it will not help too much. But thanks!