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  1. fifibrindacier

    [SELLING] Amazon AWS account with $100,000 credits legit existing business

    I'm open to proposals don't be shy !
  2. fifibrindacier

    $110K Amazon AWS startup cloud credits

    Update for those interested, the account is for sale into the Marketplace - SEO other section Thanks
  3. fifibrindacier

    AWS with credit EC2 question

    I got one that is not compromised for my irl business with 100k credits
  4. fifibrindacier

    [SELLING] Amazon AWS account with $100,000 credits legit existing business

    Hello everybody, Today I sell my AWS account with 100K credits after months of thinking and business iterations. This account is originally linked to my existing business Likezap, wich is a full voice command messaging app. I run this project since more than 7 years, Amazon AWS team believed...
  5. fifibrindacier

    Facebook Dying Out Just Like Myspace Did

    There's a good reason why Facebook invest a lot in virtual reality and Metaverse. The number of users is still growing yes in some countries where Facebook came late but in the first 30 counties the daily insights are not so good. The age of people also, older they become so the algo change and...
  6. fifibrindacier

    Who inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

    As a startup and mobile app founder, this list sounds like an inspirational movies to watch list for entrepreneurs Mark Zuckerberg Elon musk Jeff bezos Steve jobs Ray crock Chris Gardner Jordan Belfort And of course... All the moth** f things that happened when I was younger Sorry for not...
  7. fifibrindacier

    Life is boring, that is why the metaverse will triumph

    Yes that's true. These virtual worlds will display what is beautiful IRL but with time what is bad also. So I guess at his peak Metaverse will be as boring as real life, for those who think life is boring. Let's enjoy this very early time and wish everyone try to make it as better as...
  8. fifibrindacier

    Where is a good place to buy a couple thousand followers on instagram?

    You may check to buy already created / aged accounts on some websites there is plenty of choice. Then you already know the number of followers, check if the niche is the one you desire and by chance you could match with one providing escrow. Do some research on the followers list to verify the...
  9. fifibrindacier

    Solana overrated?

    It's hard to say if Solana is overrated. It was the same for the first time BTC holders at the same stage, even at 100 usd I remember some BTC holders said it was over evaluated. So everything is a matter of project decisions, time and scaling, it would be great to have someone from Solana team...
  10. fifibrindacier

    Telegram Bots

    You could find a good freelancer on platforms that offer this bot creation service. He/she should know the limitations, but by contacting them you will be spammed very fast, another thing could be to add them on your group but same issue, spam flag, it's a matter of test and implementation...
  11. fifibrindacier

    How to generate income with a youtube channel?

    Hi I would recommand to analyse a niche where you can make good profits even with low views. Think about affiliate programs. Not only cpm from YT. Also look into backlinks pointing to your videos and blog posts, as a website article, a YouTube video is under the rules of Google algos. Last...
  12. fifibrindacier

    Which one of these coins is it more anonymous?

    That is a great solution. Staying in the BTC as asked in the thread I would recommand using wallet like samouraï and also their hardware solution wich run an entire node and use loops/techniques with Tor backed solution offering good anonymity overall. The only issue is when it comes to cash...
  13. fifibrindacier

    Crypto Mining

    You can use cloud solutions, some are shady but some others could worth the bet. Using your laptop you need great GPU graphic card setup and also cheap power to do so and be profitable (eth). For CPU only, monero is a possibility but the ROI is not often there. What is your budget ? What is...
  14. fifibrindacier

    What Crypto's are going to the moon in 2022

    These are the ones I think could make good return this year and next year Flux Panther protocol Htr Cro Sandbox Decentraland Starlink Staratlas Casper Amp Veracity Ultra UOS Wax These are not financial advice !
  15. fifibrindacier

    What is something that is currently missing from the crypto scene and is urgently needed?

    Lower fees, even no fees (ads or sponsoring generates already good money) Every exchange to accept fiat even medium ones Decentralised exchanges like pancake or sushi swap / poocoin more user friendly and doing more marketing for newbies Solve the mining power consumption issue
  16. fifibrindacier

    siri or Alexa

    Alexa skills can bring you far away from what Siri can do. Not only a voice assistant Alexa can make you play with audio games, interact with full audio apps/ bots. Alexa is near to be an Audio OS. For me it's like say : "Cortana or Windows" in your title.
  17. fifibrindacier

    How are you this weekend?

    Excellent From my side it's cold as hell outside, I guess like last winter ❄️
  18. fifibrindacier

    [FUN] How much blackhatworld forum worth ?!

    Yes exactly that's also why it over evaluated or under evaluated sometimes, that's just an algo based on traffic and average cpm from ads
  19. fifibrindacier

    [FUN] How much blackhatworld forum worth ?!

    Hello everybody, Using this website long time ago when I was new to wp building and ranking, I used to laught a lot due to overvaluation or sometimes underevaluation of websites worth. Let's have a look to our favorite forum, see screenshots attached 82 M worth !! I should change my...
  20. fifibrindacier

    What is the Difference between black hat seo and white hat seo?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of modifying published content and metadata to improve the website's ranking in search engines. The main difference between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO is that Black Hat SEO changes a site's metadata without changing its underlying content...