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    Mr Beast made INR 400 crore on YouTube in 2021

    He helps so many people. He will be liked by many.
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    How to YouTube knows your channel from which country?

    They can track that information with the help of IP address.
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    How to increase YouTube channel

    You should keep adding content regularly on the channel. It will give correct signal to YouTube that you are serious with work.
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    Ranked 3 keywords in 20min

    Check if you are still ranking. If you have found the secret, repeat it with more videos and convert it in sales.
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    Can I maintain the YouTube features in my channel if I travel to a country that is not eligible?

    Both have different meanings. He might just be travelling instead of shifting there.
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    Is this channel get monetized?

    But now even if the channela are not monetized, YouTube can still show ads on the video.
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    what is the best CTR for youtube ?

    That is a lot. 10-15℅ is best but it also depends on niche.
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    Does YouTube channel location matters in this case?

    You should make content targeting those people. Choose topics that interest them.
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    Communities where you watch and comment each others Youtube videos

    Better buy directly from smm panel. They are more professional and thus quality is better.
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    What are the categories that are not allowed for FB advertising?

    Crypto is banned as per replies above but I still see crypto ads.
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    Pumpers, Dumpers, and Shills: The Skycoin Saga

    You should do own research to be safe.
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    How much you made with YouTube in 2021 ?

    My earnings are very less in 2021 as I worked very less. But did you made good income with YouTube in 2021 ? Was it from one channel Or multiple channels?
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    Mr Beast made INR 400 crore on YouTube in 2021

    He is like a celebrity. This much is made by top bollywood superstars. He has completely cracked YouTube algorithm and there is no stopping him. Do you learn from him or get inspired?
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    Youtube gave me a f*cking yellow icon on a video after working on it for months, what are the chances win the appeal?

    You will not get the same treatment as Mr beast as he is too big and has lit of contacts.
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    My thoughts on Cryptos in 2022 - where we're headed if Dollar Collapses this year

    Dollar will not collapse. It is too big to collapse. Crypto will also continue to grow this year. BTC will not grow as much as good altcoins.
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    Anyone here successfully launch their NFT Collection? Sold out?

    I have seen some threads for this in jv section. You can contact those people and share ideas with them.
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    Tips for a beginner in cryptocurrencies

    Never fall for new coins as beginner. Invest in good coins like BTC and eth only.
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    Whats your thought on Zilliqa?

    It is a good coin but you should also consider coins like matic and fantom.
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    Scammers are getting better and better!

    This scam is old. I found a new scam where you can buy a coin but cannot even sell it. It then grows a lot and more people fall for it.
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    Where can i buy bitcoins with cash by mail?

    There are so many problems with approach. This can only be done with friends if they are ready to do so. Not with strangers.