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    Scrapebox 3728 Proxies

    I have here a total of 3728 Proxies, All of them have passed the new proxy harvester Ip Passed ignoring google. You could try to google test these proxies if you want to scrape.
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    Scrapebox 2381 Proxies

    I have here a total of 2381 Proxies, All of them have passed the new proxy harvester Ip Passed ignoring google. You could test them before using to get best results. You can also try to google test these proxies if you want to scrape.
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    Scrapebox Google Passed Proxies

    After my yesterday's proxy share got more than 10,000 views in less than 24hr, I thought u guys really want more. So here are 541 Google Passed proxies tested through sb old proxy tester u can always test them before using them. If you like my share you can click on thanks and comment your...
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    How to rank in Google UK?

    I am building a new site it is somewhat an emd like or, so I wanted to ask u is it imp to host this in Uk or can I host it in us? I read that if it is it is not as imp if it should be hosted in uk. I already have some sites in us .com,etc. and I was thinking...
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    Scrapebox Free Anonymous Proxies 1644

    Some good Scrapebox Proxies a total of 1644 Proxies, All of them have passed new proxy harvester Ip Passed ignoring google. You can test before using.
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    Will Adsense Ban me? Pls help

    Will adsense ban me for this? I am from India and I have some us private proxies, So what happened today, I was using the proxy to surf and then I deleted all the cookies and temp files, but I forgot to turn off the us proxy and opened gmail and adsense acc? Will google ban me? Have I surfed my...
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    Amr Article Sites?

    So I wanted to scrape some good article sites for amr, can you guys tell me which are the best,amr supports so many platforms but which platform is most popular thus has more sites like wordpress sites are more than be sites, so I can begin from there and then all the platforms, also do u guys...
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    Pls Help Domain Copyright Infr

    Hey Guys I have a problem if you can help. I have a domain something like companyreview or and I got a email from my registrar saying some law firm has contacted them on behalf of the company and they are saying its under copyright infringement. Can u pls help me, what to do? How to...
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    Spam Warning

    Hey guys, I have a wp blog and got a comment that stop spamming or he will complain to hosting provider and get banned, I did not take it seriously but wanted to know what to do incase this happens? I only use aa sb lists, but i don't think hosting will ban me like this will they? What reasons...
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    Facebook Ads VCC?

    I searched the forum and even got a vcc but it won't work, it say address not verified, I see people buy 50-100 fb vouchers, there is surely some way to verify fb ads, anyone can help me, tell me how to verify it or has any working fb vcc, thanks.
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    New to cpa, Please help with basics

    I am new to Cpa, but have experience with adsense, can u please help me with a few things. 1) I wanted to ask about ppc, with google adwords, i have an account, can I use the direct url of the cpa, or should I make a new website and write something on it and then send the visitors to the...
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    Peerfly denied, please help

    I applied to peerfly this thursday and gave a website and verified email and phone no., gave all correct info, I did not even get a call from them , I read here they do not call for approval, well I just got an email saying u r denied at the interest of their advertisers, well its a sunday, do...
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    Indexing backlinks?

    I have made a couple of hundred high pr forum backlinks and was wondering how to get them indexed, some have already been indexed but many are still not, The Link2rss says the link will expire in 24 hr and feedlisting is de-indexed from google, so what now, any other service to get around a...
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    Pinger software

    Is there a pinger with proxy support, that can ping thousands of links using different proxies and not getting blocked and is fast or has number of threads option, tried sb rss, it is not using proxies and is slow, Thanks.
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    Sick submitter on vps xsserver?

    I am using sick submitter on xsserver window 2008 vps and the captcha pop up is not working, neither for manual nor, dbc, please help, anyone know if I have to change some settings in IE for the captcha pop up to appear, Thanks.
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    Deathbycaptcha or decaptcher

    Which one is better? I have tried deathbycaptcha does decaptcher have better success rate? How much is the success rate. Thanks
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    xsserver Antivirus?

    I have a plan on xsserver with windows 2008 vps plan, and They do not give anti virus for free, Can u guys who are using it tell me any free antivirus for windows 2008 server? Thanks.
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    Scrapebox Free Anonymous Proxies 1256

    Here are Scrapebox Proxies both Anonymous and Transparent. A total of 1256 Proxies, All of them have passed new proxy harvester Ip Passed 454 Anonymous proxies for posting
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    Free Scrapebox Proxies 1387

    Here are 1387 Free Scrapebox proxies tested thorugh new proxy tester and ip passed, u can test it with whatever you want, mainly for Scraping, idk if it includes anonymous, transperent or not, but it passed new proxy harvester and got 1387 ip passed.
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    Xsserver Vps settings

    I just got my xssever vps set up and now scrapebox transferred as well, I have the $35 plan, can you guys pls tell me what settings should I configure for scrapebox in this vps for maximum success thanks.