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    Anyone going to LinkLove Conference in London

    Been there last year. It was completly mind changing experience. I learned a lot. Live presence there had a great impact, watching a video is just not the same as being there. Quality was great and I have to say it completly change the way I run my business. 1 year later I can say it had such...
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    $0.6/100words - 100% Unique Content!!

    I just ordered 5 articles. Unique Transaction ID #9TP41742AS933533V
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    [Free] 150+ Free Social Bookmarks

    As far as I can see I'm the first :) I would be interested in this. Let me know if I'm chosen ;) Update: Damn it, second :)
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    Need 50 blogs created

    If you will need more of these in the future you might check Link Farm Evolution (it's around $300 I think). Search for it on this forum. It seems like a good piece of software but I haven't tried it, but I'm thinking about it. Get this software and only limit will be how much articles you order...
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    Big G Plans To Penalize All Link Building Activities?

    PR and by that links are the core of the Google algorithm so no there is no chance that sites that have links will be penalized. Some easy manipulative methods of getting links will bii less valuable it was the case till now, some new factors like user behavior will be a part of the algo, bad or...
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    How much does it cost to run a CPA company?

    around $5000.00
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    Crowd Mountain

    she has so iritanting voice I cant stand her talking... she is 1 of the howies pals so in the end they are all the same..
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    Anyone from Slovenia?

    Hy Guys. It seems there is more and more of us from ex yu on this forum :) I'm not from Slovenia I'm from Croatia. Anyone coming to Istra this summer? :drinking2
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    Whitehat Cpa Guide?

    Ummm, this is blackhat but I don't see anywhere it's forbidden to ask something about whitehat? Also, I've learned most whitehat stuff from this website so please next time you write some post make it useful for people reading it or don't write at all. @godmonkee - I suggest you read the...
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    Does G00gle Give Less Weight to .info Doamains

    That's the most stupidest explain I ever heard. It absolutely doesn't matter if it's .info .com or .net for ranking. Yeah .info looks spammy cuz they are cheap. Yeah for serious project you will buy .com or .net etc. and everybody thinks like that so it's no wonder there is no many .info...
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    BMD and ASP USERS: *PRIVATE Social Bookmarking Network* 38+ Sites w/PR and AGE! BHW PROMO!

    Just to warn you I did registered to his service and never got the accounts. I waited 1 month and after that I canceled subscription. Also around 1/3 of the sites at that moment were not working properly, I don't know if they fixed that now. I was also all hyped out about this service because...
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    Easiest Way To Find Low Competition Keyphrases?

    I've just answered that on another thread. :) Go to Google Adwords tool. Remove check on "Use Synonyms". Click on Filter my results, put the check on "Don't show ideas for new keywords". Select the keywords you have paste them all in upper text area, every keyword goes to new line. Click Get...
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    How to check keyword lists

    Go to Google Adwords tool. Remove check on "Use Synonyms". Click on Filter my results, put the check on "Don't show ideas for new keywords". Select the keywords you have paste them all in upper text area, every keyword goes to new line. Click Get Keyword Ideas and than select "Exact Match". Voila
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    Need Advice On a CMS

    Unbelievable but I have very similar situation these days. I want to make a bigger and complex site and up until now I used wordpress for smaller sites and I got really experienced. I really really like wordpress but to be honest I don't think it's best solution for complex sites. I mean...
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    need help on seo'ing my autoblog

    @jammy.. getting 1500 links too fast will get you banned from Search Engines info,com,net,org it doesn't matter. You are all looking this at the wrong way. Most good ranking sites don't use .info because .com is still most popular among people and those good ranking sites if they can afford SEO...
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    I am obsessed. Are you?

    LOL, exactly the same situation except the income part, for now I'm at few hundreds level but that is also changing slowly. People can't understand that to accomplish something you need to put a lot of effort in your education. I don't see any managers or doctors working without spending few...
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    Bummed in a Spanish Jail Cell Till 30

    That's a really good news man. You just made my day. I hope more of the dealers would get caught like those guys did. They didn't think before and now they'll have enough time to think about what they did. If I were you I would thank God every day you got second chance, you don't even know how...
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    Scuttle? Why People use it? ITS NOFOLLOW!

    Someone should really do a test linking only with scuttle, pligg sites to test if it helps ranking better but I think it does. But some people already said how they have results using it. Plus if you use it with other tools it all adds up and than you get a lot of usefull links. Try UWCS + BD...
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    Which Keyword research tool is best?

    Google + Google Adwords Keyword Tool is great combination that I use most of the time :) It lacks longtails sometimes but you can be sure that the search volumes are most accurate from all tools. Why? Because it's from Google and other tools like Wordtracker use meta search engines for their...