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    Can anyone explain Facebook Notify app?

    basically I have a website that I want on all social media so if I can get mine on there I want to work out how? doesnt really make sense to me but havent installed or tried it yet? can't really think of any point to it as it just seems to connect news to specific businesses which is a bit...
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    Tweepi now sucks, alternatives?

    I can't buy FL yet so I need a free alternative. Since the change of the api first I lost Ikutku which was great for mass unfollows of non follow backers. Then tweepi change and it is useless now, I have 2 accounts with 12k followers and another with 3.9k and it has only let me follow...
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    something I have noticed about signing up

    thought I would share something I have discovered. I signed up for twitter account on desktop pc , even though it has over 5k followers it only allows me to follow around 400 a day. This number has been creeping up slowly since October, the progress is so slow. Now, last week I signed up for a...
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    Cab you verify 2 accounts to the same phone no.?

    simple enough querstion really, it is not letting me do it I just get the message "your phone number failed, please try another number" I am guessing the problem is it is assosciated with the other account, so in that case, any wway around this quickly with no other sim/number?