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    Google Doubles Down On Guest Blog Links: Nofollow Them

    Google recently said to no-follow guestpost. John Muller from google said on when questioned about the topic that "essentially if the link is within the guest post, it should be nofollow, even if it's a "natural" link you're adding there." He did add that "none of this is new" and this is the...
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    Hire a freelancer to get me 5 tech niche link insertions

    Hi, Looking for an SEO freelancer who can help me in getting 5 link insertions from tech niche websites. Thanks
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    Adsense not reviewing new applications?

    Hi, I recently applied adsense for my website couple of times but it rejects the application everytime saying that they cannot review it now because of COVID-19 and their service is unavailable. Just curious to know if this happening with anyone else as well or is it country specific? I have...