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    New Mail Technique - How to monetize ?

    I have been in and out of this business for many years, but mostly out of it for past 5 years or so. I recently came across a technique to almost guarantee any mail that inboxed would be opened. I don't know what current rates are, but it used to be only 2/3% of inboxed mail was ever opened...
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    Facebook Help Wanted

    I'll be very frank. The sum total of what I know about using FB could probably be written on the back of an envelope. Not quite .. but you get the picture. I am interested in a specific niche and have joined about 100 groups. Using software I have scraped about 100,000 members of those...
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    [Help] SB page scanner giving instant 501 error

    I am using Scapebox Page Scanner to scan a list of FB Account URLs looking for a single word ( like "twitter" ). As soon as I start I immediately get 501 errors. I am using private proxies and I know they are OK as they are doing the same function with a Ubot ( too slowly ). The only thing I...
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    Free Google Keyword Suggestor ( Alternative )

    I have seen a lot of guys moaning about Google dropping their KW suggestor tool. All is not lost .. I have found a free alternative. Just head over to KickAssBots and register to get it + several others .. ALL free.
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    Content Generator with 495 Themes

    As some of you will know I have been using and recommending Spinblitz for a few years. It used to work, reasonably well using Keywords, but it only worked when it could find matching articles, and when it could not find anything it kinda blew smoke. In early Feb they changed over to a bot that...
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    Finding pots of Gold amongst the dross

    I don't often post stuff as there is too much dross around and not enough solid gold, but I came across this on another board and I have found it a very useful tool that has already made me substantial bank. Most readers will know you can make serious dough flipping domains, but if you ever...
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    Monetizing High Traffic

    I have got some custom software that generates high untargeted traffic. My question is how to monetize it. I believe used to pay $10/1000, but that appears to have stopped. I have looked at CPP/PPP but cannot see anything useful. Have you got any ideas ?
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    WTF ??? New Google Matrix ??

    So I was checking a few links and did a search on G for google merchant account #7 down SERPS I see www.card....options . com and 4 gold stars So is this new or have I missed something ? It sure grabs the attention ! So how do we get them ?
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    [WTD] Amazon Askville

    Anyone know anyone who does Askvile Q & A ?
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    New Google Suggestor Tool

    As most IMs will know the Google Wonder Wheel stopped working a while back. I have found this Google Keyword Suggestor tool to be a great replacement. You can get it here This is what it does. Quote : This tool will scrape Google for suggested links...
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    Amazing Escape

    This is awesome >
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    #1 on Google ... Till I got the Amazon slap

    A salutory tale ... Last month I had been waiting for the new Amazon Kindle Tablet to be released and a couple of days before the big day, heard it might be called "Fire", seemed to fit with Kindle so I rushed out and bought about 10 TDLs all with combos of Amazon Kindle Fire in the title. A...
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    GET - 100,000 FREE Gmail Accounts

    Over 100,000 FREE Gmail Accounts each ! This is FREE to all members. Only condition is you have 1 Gmail account to begin with. How ? Go to and grab the Gmail Variator. The Virus check is on the page. Just enter the original Gmail account and the key for the day ( link on...
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    Flickr Scraper

    Anyone know of a Scraper that will work on Flickr ? I tried using SB but can't get any links. I just want links, not images
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    Unlimited High PR Backlinks

    I posted this earlier but did not get any response so here goes again on a slightly different tack. Link Farm Evolution used to be great for getting backlinks on virtually unlimited guest blog page posting, but had drawbacks. Low PR Domains ( Mostly zero & some even de-indexed ) Limited...
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    Link Farm Alternatives

    I bought LFE and used it for quite a while, but now it's barely worth the effort. Does anyone know of an alternative. IMHO it needs plenty domains with PR and fully automatic. Select category & Qty - Enter URL & Press "GO" Anything like that around ?
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    WPRobot Elite Coupon

    What is the cheapest way to buy WPRobot Elite ? Is there any coupon for BHW members ?
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    Godaddy Coupon ONLY 68 cts !!!

    The Godaddy coupon "PRESIDENT" is $1 for .com but ONLY 68cts for .org Sadly limited 1 purchase / account
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    WTD - UK Maildrop for PP Address

    Anyone know a cheap UK mail forwarding service to use for registering a PP account ?
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    WTD - Pinger Bot

    I am looking for a pinger bot that can handle a large number of target URLs. Syndk8's free bot would be a good example, except it only handles c.600 which is not enough. The bot also needs proxy support and function to add/remove Pinger Services.