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    HilltopAds CPM is lower compare to adspyglass report?

    I'm interested too in this question will wait for someone to reply. Since adult traffic always get rejected by adsense and HilltopAds not that good with US adult traffic.
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    Anybody with high cpm propeller ads ?

    The average income can be tough to pin down. all depends on the advertiser and the publisher niche. For example, if i earn from Pop ad $0.6 CPM and the Web page will drop don day by day the average CPM can be also get down. The page views and volumes of traffic is also important things you must...
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    CPAgrip/MaxBounty alterative ?

    Friendly network sometimes might turn out to be an awful network. Truth hurts. :) CPAGrip manipulates of visitors
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    Push traffic test review

    propellerads = send a bot traffic from websites with not real users.
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    Redmas website ads

    Oh yeah, If they are like this, with this kind of bad support and email issues dont you want to work with someone else?
  6. D scam?

    Yes, adult traffic does no go well with media-net.
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    Mgid alternatives?

    I worked in this industry before with Mgid, adskeeper or contentAD with using native display ads.. unfortunately the CPC was lower than I expected. so I was wandering if there are other types of network that pays better, I saw some recommendation about Pops or full-page advertising did you try them?
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    Why my ezoic ePMV and earning going down gradually?

    It sucks EPMV, better to use revenue per view or ads models. this concept is difficult for publishers to understand something and optimize the CPM. total revenue can fall down.
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    I need a good PPC for in my Chrome Extension

    if it was building for u ,then why no one told u abt ppc ,strange.
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    Can I travel to India right now?

    its only if you have important thing to do , othervise better dont move in this pandemic perioud and i am not sure its so safe there .
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    Where do you want to go once the pandemic ends?

    at least visit places where i like to be in general.
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    I will invest in Elon Musk

    its great idea , but be carefull in this perioud of time is risky i think . good luck
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    How do you delete your bhw account?

    not the first who i can see want delete acc , whats going on guys ? dont understand.
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    Account with 4M fake followers?!

    seems is getting more popular to have a lot followers , specially fake , but page can be block anytime , no?
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    After a decade of advertising network, which one is still the best or the newest ?

    Hey, how's it going on Adult streaming right now? rates dropped suddenly by more than 50% from the fist of June.
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    Adsense Alternatives with $1+ CPC?

    My CPM dropped to 0.11$ in the last few weeks, any high CPM suggestions? i heard lots of companies had rate drops in the corona times