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    Instagram reels is a joke

    I reposted videos from my TikTok account on IG reels and out of 12 only 3 remain. I thought maybe the videos were bad after all, until I took a 5 sec video recording of the sky with no sound at all and that video too got taken down for violating community guidelines. 8 sec video of my face...
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    YouTube shorts

    I'm curious as to how the platform works. I come from a region where the niche I want to go into has no market. In my experience with TikTok the videos are promoted, not based on hashtags you include, but it's first shown to a group in the region you are in and then to other regions if the...
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    How can I make such a post

    I can't figure out how when you click on this post it leads you elsewhere yet there are no signs of a link anywhere except that download button. I'm having a bit of an issue with imgur
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    Unable to appeal violation

    I posted a video and it was taken down, but I'm unable to appeal. When I hit the 'see more details' button I get this error What could be the problem?
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    YouTube playlist question

    I've seen some people having playlists curated from videos from other channels and they are ranking on YouTube. Is it possible to do that with my own account and share that playlist to different platforms like Facebook?
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    Softcore videos of hot girls

    Where can I find them in bulk? Not necessarily of the same female
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    Joint venture

    I'm not allowed to post in the bhw joint ventures section. How else would I go about finding a business partner here?
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    Unable to join groups

    Just like the title says, I've been unable to join any group on Facebook. The join button just won't appear on any group for any keywords I search for, be it on PC or mobile. Is there a fix for this or am have I done something I don't know of? It's my personal account and it's almost 8 years...
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    CPA network suggestions

    I need recommendations of content locking CPA networks that have weekly payouts. Any except for Cpabuild
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    Issues with CPAbuild

    I've been trying to access the login page, but my browser just hangs on the cloudflare alert message and doesn't redirect me to the requested page. I've tried contacting build for help thinking it's a general issue, but turns out I'm the only one facing this problem. It's now becoming...
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    How can I do this?

    How do people make one image appear as different posts on Instagram? I've also seen it done on TikTok using thumbnails
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    Tagging strangers in Instagram stories

    Would IG have a problem with me continuously tagging random strangers in my stories? Is there a risk of my accounts getting banned?
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    Need help with search queries

    What should I search for on adult tube sites to get teaser videos that doesn't involve any percentage of nudity? Need those videos that start like movies, but at the same time act as teasers, in that they give away what the video's all about without necessarily having to show a lady's bum or a...
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    Why is tiktok like this?

    My account got a permanent ban last week cause of a video I've been reposting almost daily since late last year so I created a new account and have been reposting the same video and every time it's gotten a community guidelines violation I've won the appeal. How do I tell this to their support...
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    A question about taxation

    So I just started working in CPA and got my first payment the other day. I live in country that has no tax treaty with the US so was wondering if I'll get double taxed. Do I have to pay taxes to the US government since the network I work with is located there?