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    Facebook blocks sending messages to FanPage!

    some social media are weird. Lol
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    Facebook Groups Private vs Public

    It depends. If you want to public, it appears on their wall and about private this is all about selected areas.
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    Suggested for you - Facebook news feed

    This is the "Ad' one you click the ads or similar with the ad.
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    Facebook Account Error. Need Your Help

    Looking for the result here too.
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    Best way to take people from groups on your group?

    Try to ask the admin and do some negotiation like to post your name of the group.
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    How to create this type of game, and make money?

    What is this app? Is this legit?
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    FB having problem loading recently post?

    Try clear history! "ALL THE TIME"
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    Facebook advertising using Multilogin app

    Adspower try with this, mate.
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    Membership levels, explained

    Hi. Thank you for this information. I'd plan to be for membership level.
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    My cousin brother is making $$$$ but We don't know HOW ?

    Oh really? Hmmm and what would that be?
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    Honesty is the best policy

    True. Very well said.
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    PerfectMoney to PayPal or bank exchange.

    Its not difficult to verify your account perfectmoney.
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    Is anyone interested in betting?

    Hi? I am interested. Can you share some details about this?