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    Cloud hosting SEO

    Have you experienced SEO benefits in cloud hosting?
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    My only white hat link

    The only white hat link I got in web.
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    What is entity SEO? Can anyone throw some more light?
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    Why you should make link rings

    In SEO we all have to use do follow sources like web 2.0 and PBN. But they all have one major flaw. All those links are not independent. Because they all have GSA links. From Google bot point of view all those sites are in the same pool of other sites as link passes information both ways. A...
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    Is my site Good for Google Adsense Now !!
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    Do link wheels work

    Do link wheel work? I mean there may be many cases of unintentional link wheels on the Web.
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    Are you guys in PUA forums

    Do you guys use PUA forums to discuss things like DHV stories, negs, C&F, push-pull, ESP routines, qualification, fluff talk, freeze outs, jealousy tactics, kino tricks etc. I think its stupid unless you want to make a carrier. Can it be used for SEO !! ?
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    Please help me repair my PC

    Please help me repair my NTPC PC. Its in pieces. How to SEO it?
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    How long have you been in Digital marketing?

    How long have you been in Digital marketing specifically SEO?
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    How to do make a do follow link?

    How do you make a do follow link? I link another less poweful tier 1 link with it. Nofollow if it is nofollow and do follow if it is do follow. Then after some time reverse it. It passes more DA for DAS.
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    Customised search engine name alternative for Google

    I have an idea to make a customised search engine as an alternative for Google. What do you think of the name Pagal or Pagle?
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    How I rank with nofolow links

    Well not exactly. But I will break down the steps so you can see how. First I buy few expired domains to make relevant niche websites. Then I make one of these site as my main site or the first site I want to rank. It doesn't matter if it is high profit or low profit niche. Then I interlink...
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    I updated Black Hat World Wikipedia page
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    First time AD of SEO on national television news channel

    Did anyone else saw the Shaktiman wearing black hat ad of SEO agency India transform by Smarl Ganju ventures. It is first time I saw a digital marketing ad other than google on TV. Shaktiman got me excited and probably other Indian SEOers who watch TV news. You know what SEO in Inglish sounds...
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    Is this site good for adsense approval?
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    Affiliated pages links Patent.. Reciprocal links and grouped pages.

    See this..I don't have enough energy to explain. It says reciprocal links make page affiliated and pass less link value to common third page. I interlink my sites. So this is what I suggest. Avoid reciprocal links and do...
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    Do you use Panda bot Does it help in SEO How do you use it

    As above. I have used it but find it quite complex. The Panda bot network of automatic web browsers..
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    A suggestion to Google engineers[Long post]

    This is from Rory sutherland Ted talk As you can in Google or other SE algorithm this is how you can put various SEO tactics. All I am asking is to use PBN as web2.0 ie like Ads. Use Web 2.0 as SM. Use Money sites as PBN and SM as money site. Google sees SM links as any other nofollow link...
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    Adsense Gorilla Scam?

    I bought Adsense sites from Adsense gorilla worth promising Multiples of ROI in a month. It said to buy App instead. The after about 30 $ in 6 months Adsense account got banned with unnatural traffic. I asked refund but he refused. Did anyone else bought ? It has lot of good reviews. Apps on my...
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    How do you see Wikipedia link

    Here is my take. Since it is a nofollow link. It only passes context but strong context. A do follow link passes both context and SE authority. So high authority nofollow links makes it easy to rank with relatively non relevant do follow links like your different niche website. It can be made...