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    I got on HuffPost and a few other sites, how will it help?

    I got my domain name listed on there in some articles. How will this help? I used some backlink checker online and it didn't show them as backlinks (i originally used the domain as a forwarding address but now put up a WordPress. I was doing HARO to see what it could do for me.
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    Thoughts on Purchasing Salient theme Wordpress?

    I saw a website I liked and looked at the background info they were using Salient. Is the there worth the $60? Thoughts?
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    Anyway to mass DM those viewing my Story?

    I get a good amount of story views. I’d like to message them all to tell them to check out my second page. Hopefully follow it. I feel private messages are more effective than a story shoutout. Any ideas how to do this? If I can get those that are viewing my story to follow my other page...
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    What’s the best approach for a website for Physician?

    I was asked to help someone with their site but I don’t know much about this area to offer the best advice. What do you all think is the best to approach for physicians especially those that want to market themselves as individual physicians not a practice website? Like award updates...
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    What's the best way to respond to HelpAReporter to get selected?

    any suggestion? If you are truly an expert in the field, what is the best way to respond? I received an inquiry from the morning mail and wanted to provide a response to help the reporter and offer my expertise. Should I give details on my background in the email? Should I come up with a...
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    I’m using a rewrite tool for captions.

    Thoughts on this? I’m trying to use an account at re-post pictures. However I’m trying to make Instagram not low rank the pictures. So I’ve been saving them and then using an editor on the phone the essential change the picture. And then also using a rewrite it for captions. Thoughts?
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    Thoughts method to boost activity from followers Random Tag

    So overtime you see less activity and who knows shadowbans happen. Has anyone tried anytime you post or do a story, tag 3-5 random followers of your account or comment under the post in a second comment with 3-5 random followers in your account. To get their attention back to your account and...
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    Advice : I Have a 30k follower account, want to start second same niche

    So I have an account that is matured 30k followers. however I am starting a second account in the same niche and would love for all those followers folllow the next account. Any advice or good strategies? All those old methods of follow and unfollow and automation are all dead. So not sure...
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    Old iPhone to use for Instagram, only has WiFi no Cellular service... will be an issue??

    So I know insgtagram keeps tabs on accounts from the same IP address and same cellular address. i have an old iPhone I want to use to manage an Instagram account. it has no cellular service, only WiFi. It is jailbroken too. Any thoughts on this being an issue with Instagram and its new...
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    Best Free Caption / reposter app Instagram?

    I like to repost content. The problem is being able to copy a caption from Instagram on the phone. Is there a good app out now for the iPhone for this? I have a jailbroken phone too. So far everything went the pay route.
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    Instagram Gurus: Co-workers obsessed with being "influencers", I want to beat them out! HELP!

    Ok seriously, my co-workers are obsessed with instagram and becoming "influencers", taking the typical influencer type pictures. I do not care about being an influencer. However, I would like to "beat them out". One of my bosses and I were talking and laughing about it how it would make them...
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    How to export names of people that viewed My Story?

    Anyone know how to do this? trying to put the list of names into an excel or word doc. I logged in with web browser but it only lets me copy 5 at a time. trying to identify really active viewers etc of my page so I can grow organically. thank you!
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    How to see all names Tagged in a Photo? Lots listed

    some pages with real big follower interaction. I see they tag people to the picture they post. However they tag a bunch on top of each other so I cannot see who is actually tagged. Is there a way to see this? If I wanna repost their post with the same people tagged in the photo I am trying to...
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    How to get list of names that voted in my story poll?

    these people interact with my story. They are real followers not ghost. Any idea how to get a list of them exported? I don’t wanna just go in there and screen shot. After 24 hours you lose who voted on them Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
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    Decent likes. But not follower growth. Weird

    What gives? Haven’t seen any growth in two months. Stagnant. I got likes and comments. Views on stories. No growth though. Anyone else with same issues?
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    Finally. 4 Week shadowban ended I tell what I did

    I haven’t posted in 4 weeks. The shadowban lifted! I think I used too many of same hashtag over and over. People say try to stay active by liking posts and comments but no new posts. I deleted hashtags on recent posts. First two weeks I was still active. I responded to DM. I stopped all...
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    NEW Jailbroken iPhone, going to make new accounts Mother Child questions

    ok, My main account is in a Shadowban for 3 weeks now. I have given up and going to make new accounts to be fed. I got a new Jailbroken iPhone. However, what is instagram detecting? Can I use the same Apple ID? or should I make brand new Apple ID when making and using the accounts? I ask...
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    Need answers I’m shadowbanned other accounts not many hashtags

    Ok every info I have read does not line up. I have followed most blueprints to get out of shadowban online. I am not sure what caused it. I rarely posted on instagram for a couple of years. I started getting active again, posts getting tons of likes, right in the hashtags again. Not sure...
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    New GOOD post, not hashtag ranked, advice, this is odd

    Instagram getting on my nerves I made a post 2 days ago, EXCELLENT content, only got 700 likes prob from my follower base. didn't show in any of hashtags of recent posts. I made post yesterday meme post, ranked in hashtags I made a post today, EXCELLENT content, not ranked in hashtags or...
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    Weird drop in likes, had 4 day shadow ban. Very odd

    I have an account, 30k + followers, usually very active. in the past lots of comments on pics, lots of likes. even last week, 500-1400 likes. this week had 3 day shadowban from using too many hashtags. my instagram story had only 2-3000 views. this week, got like 300 views on story and...