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    Payment processing for replica niche

    Hello, Any suggestions on processors for replica niche? Volume 5 digits $ a day. Skype me : veleee4
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    Payment processing for high risk business

    Hello, any suggestion about cc processor for horoscope niche product? Chargeback rate is very low. ping me on skype > veleee4
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    Spoof user agent with redirect

    Hello, is there any coder who can write script that will spoof user agent on redirect? Lets say we got Firefox traffic, but it needs to be spoofed as Chrome browser versions. Skype me veleee4
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    Looking for Mobile Games developers/Game studios

    Hello, I am looking for creative and skilled games developers (specially hyper casual games) or small games studio who are struggling to make their project big. What I offer: -All investments are covered by me -All digital marketing activity covered by me (promotion on social media, deals...
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    JV - My desktop installs + your monetization (exe)

    Hello, So I am running my own installer that is unflagged and not blocked by Chrome and already got thousands of Tier 1 installs on daily basis. Installer is promoted on few organic websites and paid ads (Google mostly). I am looking for software developers with proven record of making money to...
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    Buying traffic from parked domains?

    Anyone know where I can buy traffic from parked domains? On each domain we place ads related to user previous query and show ads. example...
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    Chrome browser extension developer

    Looking to hire experienced developer for making chrome browser extension. Must be familiar with extensions that change default search (new tab and address bar). Its simple work, we can edit existing extensions that are published on store. Add me on Skype - veleee4
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    My Fancentro models + your snapchat traffic = $$$

    Hello, I got professional girls models registered on Fancentro and looking for guys to drive subscribers. We can grow passive income by taking rebills every month. Content is posted daily on snapchat and its pretty high quality. skype me: veleee4
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    Membership for ebooks?

    Hello, anyone know some site where I can pay membership and get download most popular ebooks? Titles that are sold on Amazon, just into 1 membership.
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    Badoo/Skout/Bumble bots?

    Any good bots for mentioned platforms? Bot should create accounts and do automated actions.
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    JV - Your mobile app monetization knowledge + my media buying

    Hello, I am looking to partner with some company/individual who is advanced with getting most money of users who downloaded our app. I got partnership with media buying company who are very advanced with fb/adwords/snapchat ads. They grow usersbase for big app developers and now we are looking...
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    123movies contact owner?

    Hello, Anyone got idea who run 123movie streaming sites or can make me intro? I see my software going on their traffic through networks, so I would like to make direct cooperation with owners.
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    Setup SMS betting service using premium numbers?

    Hello, I need someone advanced to setup sms service for my local country. Users should send sms on premium number and get betting tips for that day. I think fortumo provide something like that. If anyone can do the job PM me
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    Contact with zippyshare marketing team?

    Anyone got contact with zippyshare site I can reach about advertising there?
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    Looking for torrent and streaming traffic for installer

    Any direct publishers around to run mac/windows installer on their inventory? Its very clean, not blocked
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    Spy on push notifications?

    Is there any spy tool for push notifications around? Something like adplexity for pop traffic.
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    Excel help?

    Hello, I need help with creating excel template. I need template for issuing invoice (not hard to make). Other part I need template to calculate products on stock and give them name and serial number. So on invoice I can only type name of product and it will get info from database (like serial...
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    Filter hashtags by location?

    Is it possible to see accounts that used some specific hashtag in selected location? Like search for #coffee in UK.
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    Best tool to automate 1 IG WH account?

    What is cheap and good solution to run 1 IG account? It will be whitehat for local business run on home ip. I will just follow people in related niches for business. Also what setup/limits you suggest for following to stay safe from bans?
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    Publish extension on Safari Extension Galery

    Any extension developer that can approve extension on safari store? Willing to pay. Skype veleee4