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    How to optimize your LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Ads for a better performance

    How to optimize your LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Ads for a better performance 1. Choose an appropriate sender In order to establish the trust and the connect with the reader/ TG, the sender profile should be credible and relevant to the niche and your message. 2. Use a catchy subject Line...
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    How to increase results of facebook ADS?

    Try different ad variations and try doing re-targeting ads. For B2C re-targeting ads works. Try Location specific ads to track the results better. Thanks
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    What words on image can are the most attractive?

    Below are the words and phrases that are used by popular brands to get more click for their ads. Sign Up Sign up for free Subscribe Join Free for a Month Get Started Give "ABC" a try Our Work Join Let's start a new project together end Me Specials Now Claim Your Free Trial Find out more | View...
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    Do People Design Their Own Ads?

    You can use Canva, photoshop, illustrator. You should follow facebook ad creative rules and create ad posters then it will work.
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    Tool to create Gif like this one? you can use this. This is really helpful.
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    free stock animation

    You can try unsplash, freepik, veectezy and pixels. They have good stuff.
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    LinkedIn connection invitations expire?

    Invitations sent to LinkedIn members and people who aren't LinkedIn members expire after six months. This allows LinkedIn to occasionally remove old invitations from the database for email addresses that don't appear to be active.
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    LinkedIn Lead Generation

    It depends upon the niche that you are working on and the target audience should be specified clearly. Comparing it with FB and Google, LinkedIn is expensive. If you target and budget in specified properly you will get good leads out of it. When you start Inmail for lead generation linkedin has...
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    Business Page or Personal Page?

    Hello, I recommend you to create a personal account through which you can create a business page. You can post all your though leadership content in that business page and you can promote in on you personal account. The reason why i suggest this is, in future if you have to do paid promotion...
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    Logging into Facebook accounts from different time zones in same country

    i shouldn't be a problem. You can change the time zone settings if you are switching your account often.
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    How to get REAL FB like

    You should provide relevant and interesting industry relevant content to the page. You should follow 60:40 principle when you create content to your page. 60% of the content should be generic and 40% should be niche or industry related updates. Start engaging your page followers by creating...
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    i need help setting up facebook pixel

    First you should copy the pixel code from Facebook and then paste that pixel code in you landing page or the page that you want to promote/advertise. Then you have to go back to the ads manager and verify whether the pixel code is working or not. If you want to sell particular product you should...
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    How can I invite email contacts to my page?

    Sorry, this feature isn't available right now.
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    Facebook Feed Ad Design Guide

    The below creative specification and technical requirements is for Facebook Feed Ad creatives. Design recommendations File type: jpg or png Image ratio: 9:16 to 16:9 Recommended resolution: Upload the highest-resolution image available. Images that consist of more than 20% text may experience...
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    GIF as LinkedIn profile Picture

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    The best time to post on Instagram- Updated

    These timing recommendations work best as starting points and are meant to be supplemented with internal data. They are timezone agnostic.
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    How many posts per day/hour to avoid spam

    10 in two days in a decent count. I think you should continue posting the same count.
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    The best time to post on Instagram- Updated

    Thanks! It helps.
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    Do you copy and modify privacy and terms page

    Instead you can use some online generator tools and double check the terms and policies whether it is related to your niche or not types. Then you can post. It is safe use this way.
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    Doing An Adwords Campaign Without An Agency

    You will face some sort of difficulties like how to set the budget and how to use the bid range etc... It's always good to have an expert advice on this.