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  1. Amrito4ka

    AdMaven - Push notification, Popads and more. high rates and fast payments

    what if i was with popunder and now want to change to pop ? is it risky ?
  2. Amrito4ka

    Adsterra sucks, for real

    I had a much better experience using push ads rather than banners, with PropellerAds and Admaven. Both have nice rates for tier 1 traffic, looks like these networks protect their publishers, with max impression for long-term profit and non-malware or suspicious ads. I recommend them both.
  3. Amrito4ka

    I need Ideas to make little Money

    stop complain and start do , a lot of info here , search it in YouTube , social media etc...
  4. Amrito4ka

    Any affiliate programs with good offers for students?

    Hostinger. Elementor. Cloudways. HostGator. GreenGeeks. WP Engine. Liquid Web. Sendinblue.
  5. Amrito4ka

    Alternative Investments

    Rental Real Estate. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Equity Crowdfunding. Peer-to-Peer Lending. Physical Gold & Silver. Private Equity & Venture Capital. Owning a Business. Cryptocurrencies.
  6. Amrito4ka

    AdSense Alternative for German Blog?

    What is your blog niche? do you sell products for your audience or a content like a personal blog?
  7. Amrito4ka

    any ad networks suggestion for vietnam + china + russia?

    AdMaven - the best ad network for pop and push traffic, as much as i know they offer really high CPM for these GEOs.
  8. Amrito4ka

    PropellerAds Vs Adsterra Vs Galaksion vs Hilltopads and others

    my best experience was with AdMaven, who are very effective with Pop traffic AdBlock solutions, the traffic increased when ad tag bypasses the adblocker traffic. also they did have the best online support.
  9. Amrito4ka

    How to monitize

    Alternative for google adsense will be AdMaven, popads and richpush are a little ahead of the others (my own opinion)
  10. Amrito4ka

    paypal issues

    try contact support , it no tbig mney an dit sreally funny ,but maybe u will try to find out directly
  11. Amrito4ka

    I need a good alternative to google adsense

    Same problem here. I have also a gaming site, but I can't use Adsense - also, this time is the period when traffic is higher. hopefully, from my checks in the past year the most profitable ad-network was admaven, thats why i am working with them for the past 4 months. stable and high rates.
  12. Amrito4ka

    Adult Cpa.

    I already made $200 with click-container. I'm a newbie btw.
  13. Amrito4ka

    AdSense Alternative?

    Some of them are really honest, I work with admaven for a long time and really see good in this platform
  14. Amrito4ka

    What are the best adult ad networks for adult content?

    you can check out click-container.
  15. Amrito4ka

    Best paid Proxy ?

    here few proxy but i think express VPN the best one . ExpressVPN. Surfshark. Hide My Ass. KProxy. Proxysite.
  16. Amrito4ka


    Advertisers want to reach traffic for their landing pages, so they invest in ads by pay per click with tools like pop ads, There are much many pay per click advertisers available in the market that use pop ads as distribution tool, admaven is an can offer multi-ad format for along to pop ads...
  17. Amrito4ka

    Hello Everyone!

    hi and welcome here ! yes you are in the right place you can see here a lot topics and posts about it ! so i am sure you will be more proffesional and it will help you so much ! good luck !
  18. Amrito4ka

    which CPA is good?

    you can try with any network , but its also depends on ur traffic and how much u can earn , try to give a test at least and see how it will go.
  19. Amrito4ka

    Nutracash legit?

    if to say about reviews seems yes and they paying , but if to look to the forums less ppl working with them , but if you want to try you can give a test or choose another more trusted network.