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  1. ivarga

    Any micro saas ideas?

    So after work I have a lot of spare time, so I figured I would start a micro saas.. The issue is that I have no idea what to make. I keep finding these ideas of "Make the next dropbox" which to me isn't a micro saas. What's something small and simple and pretty niche that I can develop? Any...
  2. ivarga

    ✅ ✅ Private HTTPS/SOCKS5 Proxies - INSTANT DELIVERY

    I'd appreciate a free trial, thank you.
  3. ivarga

    How do proxy Services work?

    So I'm currently in need of proxies in bulk, so I started looking around at the proxy section here on BHW and I saw services such as and...
  4. ivarga

    What data is worth something?

    I've been thinking.. People usually want webscrapers, but for what reason? I get that scraping products off of AliExpress and importing them into your own ecommerce site is a thing but what else is there? Would people buy a webscraper service for ebay for instance? What are your thoughts about...
  5. ivarga

    Is building a Coupon site worth it 2020?

    So I've been thinking, after launching my website I've been wanting to create more, but in different fields just to see if one hits it off even more than the previous one. So for my next project I've been wanting to create a coupon site, and I've read that it's not a good idea because there are...
  6. ivarga

    How do people make a living with CPM?

    I'm currently trying out "adsterra" and it seems as if I only get paid when they click the ad, are there any networks that pay you per impression?
  7. ivarga

    What network should I go with when placing banner ads?

    I don't exactly recall why, I think it was something about auto generated content? When it's not at all, I tried sending it in again, it's taking a bit longer time this time around so I'm not sure how that will go
  8. ivarga

    What network should I go with when placing banner ads?

    I'm getting roughly 300 unique visitors a day, how much do you reckon I need? 50k?
  9. ivarga

    What network should I go with when placing banner ads?

    So I got my site up and running and I want to start showing ads on my website to make it generate a bit of income. I have a perfect place at the top of the web app which would be shown on all the pages, and it would make the perfect spot for a banner ad. I tried getting my website verified with...
  10. ivarga

    How do people make a living with CPM?

    Oh! Interesting, I've been looking into PopCash, is that a good one?
  11. ivarga

    How do people make a living with CPM?

    So if I understand it correctly.. CPM is "Cost Per Thousand Impression" and that pretty much means how much you'll make when someone sees the ad, they don't have to click it, just see it. And most of the time the CPM rate is roughly somewhere around "$1.11" which means, if I have 10.000 unique...
  12. ivarga

    I've built a web app, now what?

    So I recently launched a web app. It's free to use as of right now but I'm thinking of ways to monetize it. I tried adding Google ads to it, but I was rejected, I think it's because I don't have enough traffic yet? I also tried using and was rejected from there too. It's not an adult...
  13. ivarga

    Is it a bad idea buying backlinks?

    So I recently launched my website which is essentially a SaaS business. It has a very good domain name in terms of SEO and I just indexed it on Google about a week or so ago. So far you can't find it if you search for common search terms revolving it, and I would assume that's because it doesn't...
  14. ivarga

    Brainstorming web apps

    So I'm sitting here trying to come up with some web app ideas that could potentially generate some revenue. This is what I've got so far. I want it to be free but have premium access for extra content. But I have no idea what the content should be. I wanted to develop something where the users...
  15. ivarga

    I think I'm ready but I need help

    I definitely will once I can pay for it with money I make off of the sales.
  16. ivarga

    I think I'm ready but I need help

    I appreciate it! I needed that. The reason I lowered the price was because I got a comment saying "You should lower the price" so I figured I should of just gone for it. I'll take your tips into consideration!
  17. ivarga

    I think I'm ready but I need help

    Let's cut the bullshit and get straight into it. I am a self taught software developer, I did finish school for innovative programming and I am trying to make a side income with the help of my coding skills. I recently posted a application that I developed onto a market platform for $149 and no...
  18. ivarga

    So..when are a lot of you going to take shit seriously??

    I really enjoyed reading this! Quick question.. I've been programming for a bit over 4 years and I've never had an actual programming job (due to my location) I managed to land a position at a non profit organization because I felt as if that will benefit me in the future landing a real...
  19. ivarga

    Should I stay away from

    That's what I was thinking, The "inspection period" seems interesting, could you tell me more? If I understand it correctly I would for instance, get on Flippa and ask them to place my ads / affiliate link on their site for a short period of time to see how it performs?
  20. ivarga

    Should I stay away from

    So a couple of years ago I was recommended by a pretty big member on BHW to get into and flip websites, at the time that it wasnt so interesting so I just kep doing my thing. However, I've been on Flippa a couple of times this past week and I've been thinking about buying a website...