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    iMacros Code???

    I am looking for somebody to put together an imacros code that works with an Exel database. I have 10 craigslist logins and I would like the imacros to go to craigslist, select my first login, post my advert, logout, login with the 2nd login, post the next advert, logout, and continue this...
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    Looking to buy PR Domains

    I need a few PR domains... GoDaddy prices are too high... does anyone have any???
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    Do-Follow High PR Links

    Seriously need a list of blogs to comment on with high pr that are do-follow... I don't need 50K useless links.
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    Amazon Marketing Question

    I have a client who just wrote a book and I was hired to market this book. I built a 20 page web site for him with book, info, reviews, sales page, etc... I am doing the usually marketing techniques with Scrapebx, Bookmarking demon, etc... But I had a thought, often i search on Google and...
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    Need do-follow auto approve scrape box lists

    Need do-follow auto approve scrape box lists preferably not spammed to death. Cost? Thanks
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    Scrapebox question(s)

    First, Thanks to this group for all of the valuable insight over the past year plus. I recently purchased Scrapebox, went through the tutorials, read some info on here, etc... I have run it through, scraped links, posted a message to 600 blogs as a test... how do I know that it is working? I...
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    I NEED PageRank!

    I have a client who despite having 10,000 incoming links... has 0 PageRank. I could care less what his PR is as long as he is getting valuable traffic... but he cares. And he is set on getting PR. Bookmarking has not done it Directories have not done it Blog Posts or Blog Cooments have not...
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    Article submission

    What is the best software or service fr submitting articles. I have read a few posts on here about this but they are getting out of date. I am looking for current info or advice from someone who is using software, spinning articles, and having good results. Thanks so much, Dan:)
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    Need autoblogs

    I need 5 to 10 autoblogs with articles, YouTube Videos, or content posted twice a day. Adsense added (I will get you my Adsense code). I have the URLs, hosting, I just need them built and plugins added. I can get you CPanel access for each account. Please give me a quote. thanks!
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    YouTube Video views

    I am looking for someone to add a few thousand YouTube views for me. can you send me a quote per thousand views? Thanks for your help! DAN
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    Twitter friend adds

    I need someone to add thousands of friends to my Twitter account... send me pricing per thousand and let's get started! Thanks
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    Links with PR

    Enough already with these spammy web 2.0 wheel things. Google has alreasdy figured out the game and they are pretty much worthless for any decent keyword. Is anyone selling any links that pass PR from a lagitimate REAl site?
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    Keywords in your URL... how important????

    I have been building a few new sites lately and I wanted to get some feedback from people about how important it is to have your keywords in the URL. If I do a search on Google, often the top result is the exact URL of the search term. Example: Cars - #1 is Boston Web Design -...
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    BMD owners Unite - let's trade

    I love Bookmarking Demon and have loaded it up with 500 good working sites. I have a few links I want submited and have done it on my accounts but I was thinking it might be great to trade links with a few people to double and triple our incoming links from social sites. I randomly submit to...
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    Bing... WTF

    I have sites ranked really well on Google and Yahoo but these same sites are 5 or 6 pages deep on Bing. Am missing some kind of trick here? Typically link building generates higher rankings for all search engines. Any help????:(:confused:
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    Hubpages, WetPaint, Squidoo help

    What term do these pages fall under... they are not social bookmarking, kinda like blogs but not really, and not your typical social networking site. I am looking to find a list of these I can build content on with backlinks. There are a few listed in LinkWheel posts but i would love a larger...
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    Social Networking & Blog Account setup

    I am looking for someone to setup accounts for me on 100 social Bookmarking Sites, 40 social networking sites, and 100 free blog hosting sites. I will give you the username and password I want them setup with, a gmail account, and profile info. I will give you the list of sites and when you are...
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    YouTube Video Views Increased

    I am looking to hire someone to increase my YouTube Video views. Can you give me a quote of how much it wouold cost per thousand views? Thanks so much, DAN
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    Generate social bookmarking list for me

    I have BMD software but I need a huge list of social networking sites to add to my software. There are some lists floating around on BHW but I don't have the time or energy to put thses in a easy list to load into BMD. What want is a huge list of Pligg and Scuttle sites. The list must...
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    Need someone to set up a few autoblogs

    I need someone to setup 20 autoblogs for... I will give you the hosting account and URLs... you need to load software and set it up to post. Please MP me... thanks so much!!! Dan