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  1. mystralious

    How much would you ask for the accented domain of a 9 figure company? (cybersquatting, domain squatting)

    Half a year ago I bought the accented domain of a 9 figure income webshop empire, which is huge all over Europe. I redirected it to one of my ecom sites. A week ago they reached out to me saying: Hello, I'm interested in acquiring the domain **á***.hu that is currently held by you. What would...
  2. mystralious

    Scrape from Aliexpress to Woocommerce

    I'm looking for a software, script that scrapes everything from aliexpress product pages into csv that can be imported to my woocommerce site. If there isn't an open solution; which programming languages, tools should I use to build myself a scraper like this?
  3. mystralious

    [GET] Unlimited Free Stealth Hosting with Fast WW Speed

    Just sign up on use it as a blog/landing page. It's free forever (until 50 sales but you are not using it for ecom). Hide the catalog and product pages and put a few products up there to avoid suspicion and manual review. Best of all you can use your own domain...
  4. mystralious

    How to add the pixel on wordpress and shopify on the same time?

    What's the best way to get my Facebook Pixel incorporated into wordpress landing pages? Just to see my View Content and Add To Cart being fired. Does it need to be coded somewhere in wordpress?
  5. mystralious

    To follow or not to follow private profiles

    Everyone says to tick the "don't follow private users" option but I don't get it why? aren't these users more likely to check your profile to approve your follow? Or they aren't getting a notification when being followed?
  6. mystralious

    The effect of Article 13 of EU Union on IM

    Poppy Harlow has greatly explained the effects on Youtube, but i wonder if it could hurt IM in general? I could say for sure, that VPN companies will be making a shitload of money soon. Better invest in them.
  7. mystralious

    My Unique Shopify Winning Product Research Method

    #Sharing_is_caring I don't if most of people already know this, but this method helps me finding winning products. Go to google and search for this: and follow the steps bellow. ps: or just go to this link to see all the reviews added to loox: PS: You...
  8. mystralious

    1 webshop - 100+ Jarvee IG accounts

    I want to share my new webshop on 100 of my IG accounts. This is my current plan, but im not sure if this works and i dont want to gamble. 1. get a freenom domain 2. use freenom's cloaker redirect to my webshop 3. bitly shortling my freenom domain. 4. repeat for all ig accounts. Could this...
  9. mystralious

    I need little help moving from shared to VPS

    I'm looking to move my Woocommerce site from shared hosting to Vultr's $10 VPS. Is it possible to completely migrate from cpanel to any free alternative hosting panels? Would the ServerPilot+iRedMail combo work? What do you guys recommend?
  10. mystralious

    Longevity - Time to enjoy the wealth

    Some people become millionare too late and take their wealth to the grave without memories of enjoying it because they lived unhealthy/were stressed all the time. I am interested in what do you guys implement into your daily routine to live a long, happy and healthy life to be able to enjoy the...
  11. mystralious

    Dropshipping: return option even if you're outside the USA for free

    It is entirely unreasonable and not industry standard to require that a customer returns an item to someone in another country. Luckily, there is a chance that you have a free workaround at your disposal and no, this is not going to be a long-term solution but it's something that beginners can...
  12. mystralious

    METHOD: Get 85.000 Real Followers for IG in 2 Weeks!

    A fake page called @zarainfluencer went viral with their campaign. They are "looking for influencers" and urge people to repost their page and it went viral. In just this night they gained 15.000 organic followers. The page is growing extremely fast, see for yourself. However, there are people...
  13. mystralious

    Proper way of creating unlimited instagram accounts?

    I tried to create accounts manually with Bluestacks and VPN, and it doesn't work, I always get the phone verification message. I don't want to buy proxies because I already have them on my bots, but I cant access them (Captivate, Laterpost). I need a way to create my accounts and edit the...