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    SMILE: I'm Getting Laser Eye Surgery In The Next 12 Hours

    Happy life with no glasses :) Best thing about no glasses is you can go swimming and scuba diving
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    Journey to 100k page views and Build my house

    Hi, Here was the email from ad thrive.. it took 1 day for them to disapproved. I asked for reason but they didn't reply Thank you so much for applying with AdThrive! Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Our ad partners didn’t approve to move forward with the site, which means we won’t be able...
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    Journey to 100k page views and Build my house

    Thanks for your reply, I am now approved by mediavine. need to do some google exchange setup. Hope that it will be better than google adsense :) I applied to adthrive as well, but they declined, maybe they want a more premium-looking website.
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    Journey to 100k page views and Build my house

    Good journey. Very inspiring.. i applied to mediavine.. how much time it took to get approved?
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    Journey to 100k page views and Build my house

    Did you switch to adthrive?.. After how many days you got first payment from mediavine after you applied? Thanks
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    [GIVEAWAY/FREE] - Parasites/Web 2.0 Links Indexing Within 24 Hours

    I'm interested.. may be late.. still hopeful
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    India leading the tech industry

    AMERICAN leading the tech Industry.. They don't have indian citizenship..
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    Wengthemeng scam us YTSTARTUP

    I think he got overwhelmed with all the works and finally he gave up and run away
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    Tips To Help Your YouTube Channel

    Problem is that they spammed for those views I get 1 cent for 1000 views, but after that my video simply disappears from search. So I don't get any money. Usually I get 15 dollars per 1k. So I am losing money and all my efforts in making video is getting wasted.. its frustrating :( . No idea how...
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    Tips To Help Your YouTube Channel

    someone spamming my channel with low-quality views (decrease the viewtime/view) and decreasing my rank. Every new video I upload, is getting spammed. I have to disable monetization on those videos. Also, even if I private, and after 1 day I make it public, those spam views again starts. What to...
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    I make 350$-400$ profit a day in a country where you earn 700$ in a month. Help me!

    Bro hire a CA.. any how they will tell you to write majority of your income as an expense. like hire some 10 laborers, petrol, rent, etc
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    Offend BHW Community In One Sentence

    Get a real job
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    Birds are dying by mysterious illness

    Birdemic 3 coming soon
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    Adsense vs Ezoic vs Mediavine

    There are many chrome add ons which give CPC and number of searches. Like keywords anywhere , keyword surfer etc.
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    Adsense vs Ezoic vs Mediavine

    I get 150 dollars for 3k views in AdSense for one other site I get 5 dollar for 1k views :/ .. both site targeting us and tier 1 English countries. Niche is important here I think