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    Core Web Vitals Score

    Nice cockswinging, any advice?
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    WPRocket / Google PageSpeed help

    What is wrong with poppins font?
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    How do i add (rate and review)

    A simple google search showed me that there are rate and review widgets for blogger. go to, then search for blogger rate and review widget.
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    How do i add (rate and review)

    Use a plugin if your site is wordpress.
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    Are image compression plugins even worth it?

    You can also run your pics through photoshop and export (save for web legacy) them at a small size.
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    Where to start when it comes to improving my rankings

    Content add more content as tazarbm said. You wrote that you added an article....add 50 more.
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    Yoast Premium or Rankmath Pro?

    I'm not sure why people can't use the search function on this site. This question has been posted many times. Anyway, I feel Rankmath is superior. But it is Indian and therefore cannot be trusted. Go SEO framework.
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    Naveed seo

    Is this a 12-year old Indian attempt at a spam attack? Also Naveed, why have a logo that looks like sperm swimming in circles? They aren't the winners.
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    I have 50$ to invest which path should I go

    $ 10 domain name $ 15 hosting $ 25 smoke crack for better ideas Seriously though crack is not good. Find other options.
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    Updating blog post every week? Does it hurt rankings?

    I do this once every 2 months for some posts. It has not had a negative effect at all. I only change the number in the title and add the new content. Maybe just scale back the weekly updates to monthly.
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    Is SANDBOX Really Exists?

    Maybe BHW should make the search bar x 5 in size?
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    Is SANDBOX Really Exists?

    Because it is a real thing. Here is one of my sites, fresh domain with no link building done (apart from a couple of Rachmaninov specials), started posting 4-5 times weekly around Dec or Jan. 7 to 8 months before it even got a pulse. The highest performing post on that site was published well...
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    Free Stock Image Sites - Find Images To Use On Your Website

    Taking bets on SEOTIPS being banned within 12 months
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    Is buying a wordpress blog website off fiverr worth it?

    Its a lie Years later I am still learning.
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    Is buying a wordpress blog website off fiverr worth it?

    It depends on your theme and what you need/want to do with your site. Astra is a good shout but there are easier pre-built themes for specific niches. Plugins just give you more tools and features to use on each theme. You will learn SEO here too. Speed can be optimised with plugins, as can...
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    Is buying a wordpress blog website off fiverr worth it?

    You could, but why?. If you have a theme there isn't much to it besides adding a few plugins. Then it is just adding content which is where you will learn SEO.
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    Looking for free keyword tools

    Ahrefs free keyword generator is great. Ubbersuggest is useful and annoying but you get 3 free searches a day. I've been playing a bit with wordtracker recently. It isn't as accurate as far as volumes go but it has helped me find a few gem keywords. You get 10 free searches per day.
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    VIRAL marketing suggestions anyone?

    Viral? tie your product to the chinese virus and it will sell.
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    What is the best tool for reseaching a specific niche?

    For me, check traffic to the niche. If you can get the traffic you can monetise it.