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  1. GoGuerilla

    Hiring A-Z Insurance Lead Generator

    Hey Team, I'm looking to hire an expert in the insurance lead generation space. Ideally you will have experience with Facebook, and some sort of funnel builder. Payment in Crypto/PayPal/Bank Transfer(transferwise).
  2. GoGuerilla

    What Are The Best Trustpilot Alternatives?

    Hey Team, Wondering what everyone uses for reviews for service based businesses. I see google has a merchant center but that seems to only cover ecommerce businesses. Wanting something that is compatible with Google Adwords so it shows on the ads.
  3. GoGuerilla

    How To Run Special Category Ads From Another Country?

    Hey team. I've got a question for everybody here. How can I run special category ads when I am in another country to where I want to run it? This is finance niche, nothing political. I do live with someone who is a resident of that country but I assume that your IP needs to be residing there...
  4. GoGuerilla

    HAF - Adwords - Analytics conversion tracking help

    Can't seem to get my conversions registering from Adwords -> Analytics If you are an expert let me know. Work will be done via screen sharing, you won't get access to the accounts :)
  5. GoGuerilla

    Best adwords resources for upskilling?

    Been doing quite a bit of adwords lately, looking to upskill and learn the ins and outs of it all. What's the best relevant resources for learning more? Not looking to learn old stuff, only new :)
  6. GoGuerilla

    Wordpress Plugins for conditional Lead Gen Quizzes

    For example insurance page. First Question: What type of insurance Second Question depends on what the answer to the first was. Third Question depends on what the answer to the second was.. Etc. I know you can use Typeform and such for this, but it seems like typeform makes the user accept...
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    [JV] Have something you think would sell on We can get it viral for you.

    Hi BHWians(is that what you all like to be called? :p) I'm looking to expand my promotional efforts on - we have access to over 10,000 accounts which are able to upvote your posts for you. Each campaign we run nets anywhere from 50k -> 1million views on the images posted. Most of the...
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    10+ Free Reddit Upvotes On Your Post

    Hi guys, Feeling kind. Free upvotes to everybody! Just post here then PM me your link (to keep it from prying eyes). Upvotes are done from HQ accounts with 100+ karma. Only threads posted within the last hour are eligible.
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    Bold your unread message titles when you click the notification button

    At the moment the only signifier for an unread message when you click the message notification bell, is a small grey bar, kind of hard to read. Would be great if we can bold the unread titles so it's a little easier
  10. GoGuerilla

    [Hiring] Experienced Copywriter For Sales Threads

    Looking for someone to help me improve my copy for sales threads. Must be experienced. Regards
  11. GoGuerilla

    What's your favorite automation software for Facebook marketing?

    What do you guys use day to day, why? It's been a minute, my last venture was using massplanner so im looking to see what the community thinks about the software that is out there now :)
  12. GoGuerilla

    {❤️QUICK DELIVERY❤️} Powerful DA90 ✅Do-Follow✅ Niche Relevant✅ Reddit Backlinks FROM $7

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    Tvm77 not responsive.

    tvm77 sells this piece of software Profile Manager - Manage Multiple Accounts Easily & Safely I bought one copy of this software via his website. Tried to log in via the desktop app "Invalid...
  14. GoGuerilla

    Building an Reddit AI/ML Comment Bot

    This idea came about as I was paying someone 2hrs/work per day to keep about 20 accounts active looking for some PR work for a client of mine. This is not a cost-effective long term strategy and does not scale well. So I set out to do something different. I am using the official PRAW Reddit...
  15. GoGuerilla

    Hiring killer local insurance lead generator [FB Ads]

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who is able to generate leads for a personal insurance advisor in a local geographic area. Ideally, you will have experience in this area already. Paying up to $100 per lead and they must meet certain criteria. Alternatively, I am looking for someone with a...
  16. GoGuerilla

    Hiring killer local insurance lead generator

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who is able to generate leads for a personal insurance advisor in a local geographic area. Ideally, you will have experience in this area already. Paying up to $100 per lead and they must meet certain criteria. Looking to chat to a few people, NO SPAM allowed...
  17. GoGuerilla

    Beginners email marketing tips

    What are your best resources (books, videos, templates) for email marketing? I'd like to build a funnel from the ground up
  18. GoGuerilla

    Looking for experienced person in Adult industry. I will provide traffic for models. Revshare basis.

    Hi guys! I have my own method for driving traffic to snapchat/websites/whatever. During trial phase I was averaging over 100 adds per day, with over 2.5k impressions on a premium snapchat landing page within a week. (This is just a trial, and involved ~1hr of work per day on my part) I'm...
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    [Aged!] Buy Reddit Accounts Starting @ $3 [INSTANT DELIVERY] - Buy Reddit Karma on your own account!

    We have a lot more than whats listed in stock so feel free to get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do for you! We can add Karma to your accounts! $5 per 1,000! Skype: live:harry_7144 Email: [email protected] Telegram: @GoGuerilla Terms of sale: Accounts are automatically...
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    Favourite Dedicated Server providers?

    Not looking for VPS, looking for a dedi. Who's your favourite provider? Looking for one with a good price point and great reputation. I usually use Digitalocean but they only have unix, looking for Windows.