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  1. smartboyhere

    Journey to $1000 monthly

    Hello BHW's. I'm writing this journey to keep motivating me, I will keep updated this thread with my investment and ROI. Here is my experience. 1. Moderate knowledge with SEO and CPA. 2. Expertise in creation of animation video. 3. Moderate knowledge in YouTube marketing. What I have? 1...
  2. smartboyhere

    Spam Control in BHW

    Dear BHW community MOD's. is it possible to make a rule for posting a New thread there should be minimum post count 50+ and the the Account age must be 30 days + in all section. Because recently to many spammers, specially the baba thread they are literally spoiling the forum with their...
  3. smartboyhere

    How to Increase page authority for web2.0 Nowadays?

    Hi Blackhatworld Community! I just planned to build and rank Amazon website by building Links from High DA web2.0's (Newly Created). Im using 100% manual written content (500+ words) for web 2.0 also Building tiered links for those web2.0's (GSA and RankerX). Even after 3 months my web2.0's...
  4. smartboyhere

    Youtube banned in India?

    Hi Indian BHW memebers! Anyone of one seeing message like this, while watching youtube videos? I can Access youtube homepage directly, But whenever I clicked the youtube video from google results its shows like this. Waiting for all your answers!
  5. smartboyhere

    How to Increase Page Authority for youtube Videos?

    HI BH's I need to know, Is there any way to increase PA for the youtube Videos? Will the SPAM links do this? Quality content in description will do this? HQ Video? HR views, Likes, Subs? Channel Age? Thanks in Advance! Smartboy
  6. smartboyhere

    [Fiverr, CLICKBANK] Journey to 10K/month

    Hey Blackhaters! This is not my first journey; In past I have worked with cleanfiles (youtube + PPD) and earned some decent amount. The problem with the youtube + PPD business is frequent channel banning and video deletion because of my competitors. So I decided to jump on Fiverr Business...
  7. smartboyhere

    Matt as Moderator - Problem for Newbies

    How many of you guys know? Matt has been appointed as Moderator for BHW (Spam Control Section). Stay safe Newbies, Don't Spam our Community with your BULLSHIT comments & Threads. It is expected that most of the Newbies may penalized even some Authority members(lol). The Update is called...
  8. smartboyhere

    Need a Help for Wordpress Site.

    I need to list my few child pages Under the meta description when it is shown in google SERP. Look at the image, I need Exactly as like this for my wordpress site. Any plugins? or Submitting site map? The website shown below is wordpress. Thanks!