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    International Edition Textbooks Dropshipper

    International Edition books are in high demand and sold everywhere, ebay, amazon, websites, your own store. We are here to ship the orders, 3rd day delivery, 1 week delivery, whatever you want, whatever book you want. Already running a couple of stores ourselves looking to expand to the...
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    Need Google Local Listing ( 7 box) Top

    I want to rank #1 on google local listings for 2 keywords. Already #4 on one. I'm ready to pay an initial setup fees and then a monthly rate to maintain it. Please PM me for site and keyphrases. Thanks BHatters :)
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    Dropshipping anything you want from India

    Shawls, Curios, Handicrafts, Bed Sheets, Books whatever. You name it, we'll ship it, anywhere in the world. Shipping experts. PM me for queries.
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    Need Yahoo Answers 101

    Hi guys, I just tried Yahoo Answers for a new project and have no idea how it works, created a account, answered my first question and suddenly all the questions became invisible ( denied access sort of, yahoo saying there are no questions to answer! ) Could some one point me towards (or spend...
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    Ranking on Google Local Listings

    Hi guys, I used to rank 3rd to 5th on google local business listings for 2 of my main keywords. I just slipped to 5th Page for one of them. Looking for someone to brink up my rank back to top 3. Please PM me your offers and suggest remuneration for the job. Please note, I'm paying only after...
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    The Black Background of BHW hurts

    No guys, I'm serious. I have been on BHW for like 50 of the last 100 hours of my life and we need an option to change the background color because my left eye is feeling the strain of reading white on black! So the only option for me right now is to invert colors on my mac and see a blue on...