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  1. macdonjo3

    Tiktok won't show my pixels? "You haven't created any pixels."

    Anyone else having issues with tiktok ads? I have a pixel on this account but in my campaign it's not showing. I've clicked refresh, waited 30 mins, etc. The whole platform was down for 6 hours this morning. So crazy.
  2. macdonjo3

    Elon Musk messaged me

    What should I ask him first???
  3. macdonjo3

    Hiring someone to do video distribution

    Looking for someone that can offer video distribution. I have a trailer that I'd like uploaded on multiple sites. At least 10 but more the better.
  4. macdonjo3

    Does this picture look dystopian?

    Half-life 2 vibes.
  5. macdonjo3

    [Easy $100] Need a GA/GTM expert to debug this

    I don't know how many people here are into DTC but I figured this is worth a shot. I can't get the "marketing campaign" section to track properly after the latest site migration. I'm using UTMs. I have the datalayer setup. GTM is firing, etc. The screenshots tell a full picture. You see...
  6. macdonjo3

    I bought a Picasso

    Anyone ever tried out Masterworks? Heard about this on a podcast today. They say historically paintings appreciate at 14%. Tonight I was repositioning investments after the market dump/variant scare and decided to throw this into the mix. Curious to see if anyone's tried similar. Here's the...
  7. macdonjo3

    Deduplication errors in FB but 0% overlap? wtf?

    I usually don't have much luck posting technical FB ad buying questions here but worth a shot. Ads are reporting deduplication errors but I believe I've deduplicated them properly with event IDs, and there is 0% overlap. Any idea why there is an "issue" when it's very clear there is 0% overlap?
  8. macdonjo3

    Has anyone tax deducted services paid with crypto?

    Crypto is becoming more popular, and I basically run most of my business off credit cards. I've always avoided paying with crpyto because I feel my accountant already hates me and adding this in the mix will be a mess. Do any business owners here regularly pay invoices with crypto?
  9. macdonjo3

    The latest scam I've been seeing lately

    Just a heads up for those of you who buy a lot of guest posts or niche edits and don't keep track of your invoices... there are some people going around the common guest post sites and mailing the OBLs/clients to try to get free $$ out of them. This isn't the first email I got of this kind but...
  10. macdonjo3

    Quality writing service 10/10

    So I was looking for a decent writing service (which isn't easy to find) and I came across a thread about university-grade articles. Then I read the sales copy, and it's completely broken English. Folks, this is in a BST offering writing services. Irony level 10.
  11. macdonjo3

    Anyone tried Windows 11?

    How is it? Do you like it?
  12. macdonjo3

    First time building a new PC, thoughts my build?

    My use case: I'm not a big gamer, so this build is mainly for work. I run ScrapeBox, Jarvee and GSA on my machine (I hate remote desktop stuff). I also have 40-50 chrome tabs open across a few sessions, one window for each client and the tabs are generally pretty heavy things like the...
  13. macdonjo3

    Any idea how to create hierarchical posts in Wordpress?

    Trying to make Did this by changing permalinks to: %category%/%slug% But WP doesn't allow duplicate slugs so it makes me do:
  14. macdonjo3

    Any decent auto invoice generation tools?

    Looking for a tool to automatically send out invoices on the Xth day of the month. All that really needs to be updated is: - invoice number - date - due date Price is fixed every month. I've been doing them manually until now but honestly I can't even be bothered now. I only have a few clients...
  15. macdonjo3

    I switched from Alibaba to GlobalSources and it's been awesome

    I've gotten so sick of Alibaba. I've done hundreds of thousands of dollars through them and their vendors and still have the worst support whenever I have trouble with an order. Not to mention their vendors are often middlemen and they aren't eager to close a sale. Takes a lot of chasing and...
  16. macdonjo3

    Garage saling with GaryVee

    An agency owner just texted this to me. Too funny.
  17. macdonjo3

    Side-hustle/grind culture is so cringe

    Gary V fan boys gonna be hurt by this one.
  18. macdonjo3

    Is Western Union the biggest pile of trash you've ever used?

    First time using Western Union. 1. I create account 2. Says wrong password 3. Reset password 4. Error: account does not exist 5. Live chat with support 6. Support says try again tomorrow 7. I try again tomorrow. 8. Reset password again 9. They won't send me a link 10. I call support 11. The...
  19. macdonjo3

    Does Jarvee still work on Twitter?

    I know there have been nothing but troubles with Jarvee and IG but wondering about Twitter. Just bought a license and I'm stuck at this step. Is Jarvee still maintained?
  20. macdonjo3

    Sorry, I don't know what is bitcoin

    On Alibaba, talking to a vendor who won't accept anything but T/T, so I ask about btc... Only in Choyna.