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  1. wild vegetable

    Best mass page generator? for local seo

    I am planning to attack many local KW and want to use a mass page generator? what are the best ones? Anyone has used it correcty to and is making money via rank and rent or similar? lets share ideas! i am thinking about going for the lawyer niche
  2. wild vegetable

    I need to buy Twitter accounts

    PVA and email-verified. Any good providers around here? The marketplace is a mess ux-wise...
  3. wild vegetable

    Growing instagram by just posting

    Is it a good way to attract traffic? I have 20 accounts ready and I am thinking about trying this method. Only posting with hashtags and attracting views. Thoughtd?
  4. wild vegetable

    Twitter proxies

    I have been running twitter accounts in the same proxy for a year. Some of the accounts got suspended today. If I want to start new accounts, can I do it in these proxies or they are "flagged"? Should I get new ones?
  5. wild vegetable

    twitter automation and pva

    hello! i have been running twitter accounts for about a year. It took me time to make money but now I am starting to see better results. I run each account with one unique sim card and proxy. Some of the prepaid simcards expire after 3 months (you have to top up more money), and I have lost...
  6. wild vegetable

    Twitter bots mega thread

    Hello, I think twitter has an amazing potential to make money. Automation is fairly easy, and you can get decent traffic. I have been running accounts for a couple of years now (around 50). My biggest problem? Finding what to sell. CPA? ebooks? Courses? Amazon affiliate? If you guys have...
  7. wild vegetable

    Best niches for local seo? RANK AND RENT

    Looking for a list of profitable niches to rank and rent
  8. wild vegetable

    [MEXICO] Where can I find Mexican backlinks?

    Self-linking, buying backlinks, etc for a site in the Mexican market. Having difficulties so far. Any help recommended!!
  9. wild vegetable

    [BLOG] 250 Daily Unique Visits | Where's the money?

    I have a blog in the financial sector niche (stock investing, crypto, etc). It is starting to grow but I am not monetizing it yet. Adsense makes no sense at this point (i would make like 4$ a month). Any high-converting affiliate programs to recommend? Any tips welcome!
  10. wild vegetable

    I cant find profitable offers

    Anyone knows somwhere where I can find CPL (pay per signup, freetrial, etc) offers? non adult only please Impossible to find All affililiate offers are rubbish, they only want to grab the cookie from your clicks and then convert them with ads Help please
  11. wild vegetable

    Is it better to hard sale or to capture emails with lead magnet first?

    I am selling an ebook and would like to know what would convert more
  12. wild vegetable

    [TWITTER] how to monetize 1K visits a day

    Hey guys, I am currently in the Twitter automation biz. I am able to generate thousands of visits per day to my offer. I am currently selling infoproducts. Any ideas on how I can monetize better? Maybe those offers that pay 2-3$ per lead (content locker), but I HAVE NOT found any, yet...
  13. wild vegetable

    [JARVEE] How to create groups Twitter groups

    Anyone knows how to create Twitter group conversations automatically with jarvee? I get invited to chats with 40+ people constantly by these spammers selling SMM services. Anyone knows how they do it?
  14. wild vegetable

    [AUTOBLOGGING] yeah it works

    Hi, I am having some very mild success with autblogging (only visits, no money yet) What are the best ways to monetize besides adsense? I am thinking promoting affiliate products, POD, amazon affiliates. any ideas? Anyone wants to discuss? Best ways to increase user's time spent in the blog...
  15. wild vegetable

    1.400 daily tweets

    I know a guy sending thousands of tweets a days without major blocks He is doing it via de API. Meanwhile, people are being careful and doing 100ish actions/day with Jarvee. How can the difference be so big?
  16. wild vegetable

    First 2 rank and rent sites | doubts

    Hi fam, Been digging in local seo lately and just finishing my first sites. I have a couple of questions. - If my service is targeted to English and Spanish speakers, should I make one site/domain for each language? I feel like if I keep them separated Google will read/rank them better -...