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  1. TashaJ

    Will BTC fall to $32k or rebound to $48k first?

    BTC is at critical support. If it falls any further then we could see it easily come down to low $30s. If BTC manages to hold on I believe it could test $48. What do you think will happen. I'm still holding.
  2. TashaJ

    Which TLD for store selling software/apps if .com is taken

    Hi. I sell digital services/products like bots, apps and software etc. The .com for my brand is taken but just a placeholder. Which is next best TLD. .store, .cloud, .app,, .co? Thanks
  3. TashaJ

    Are these stats good or bad?

    Hi. I have been trying to grow my FB page, I've been sharing posts everywhere in my niche. I think my reach is really high, but page likes is only 20. Is this low or normal for these sort of stats?
  4. TashaJ

    Any black Friday deal on Virtual Machines?

    I'm looking for some virtual machines / virtual desktops to run botting software on. Does anybody know of any good black Friday offers? Or can recommend any? Thanks
  5. TashaJ

    How to grow a Facebook group?

    Hi, A few years ago I managed to get a FB group with XX,000 members. It was a good source of traffic. It recently got banned. What methods can I use to grow one to a similar size? Thanks
  6. TashaJ

    Looking to buy 3-5 aged twitter accounts

    Hi, Looking for twitter accounts around 2+ year or older. Ideally English, Need just around 3 now but probably more on a monthly basis. Thanks Please give price for 1, 3 or 5 accounts. And any other information, followers, posts, language, etc.
  7. TashaJ

    [Journey] 2500 crypto presale sign ups.

    Hi. I am doing a journey on getting sign ups for my crypto presale. I have set a soft target of 2500. I wont release the crypto, wont precede with the presale until I get at least 2500 people interested in taking part in presale. The main method I will focus on to start with is to promote the...
  8. TashaJ

    OVH not delivering domain after payment?

    Hi Has anybody used OVH before? I found an offer with them, so bought a domain, payed for the domain. They said payment had been validated and would email when order was confirmed. It has been days and order is stuck at pending. Have contacted support but no reply. Are they legit? Thanks
  9. TashaJ

    How much do you pay for social media followers/likes etc?

    Just checked prices of social media followers. Twitter was like $20 for 1000 followers? is this normal now? I remember when it was less than $5 for 1000. What are normal prices now for other social media actions? Thanks
  10. TashaJ

    What would you do if you were offered two part time workers to help you?

    Earlier this year I managed to get quite a big client in the property sector and had to outsource a lot of the work for some of the months. During this time I had an offer, if I could mentor 2 recent college graduates then they would work for me part time. I agreed but things got dragged out...
  11. TashaJ

    Can I buy Jr.VIP and create a BST with crypto?

    Hi Can I pay for Jr.VIP membership and pay for a BST with crypto?
  12. TashaJ

    How can I make Telegram more engaging for users?

    I have a telegram group for a crypto project. I bought 500 members then have got 1000 members from other promotional methods. Over the last 1-2 weeks. Out of the 1000 members, only 5 - 10 have actually spoken... WTH. How can I get the members more engaged and more hyped about my project? Thanks
  13. TashaJ

    How to create a FB ad targetting members of a group?

    Hi Trying to create a facebook ad which targets members of specific groups. When I go to settings, I seem to be only to choose, demographics, like gender/age/location etc. Or if I go to advanced I can create an audience based by users how have interacted with my website or with facebook site...
  14. TashaJ

    Just saw this competition from 2011

    I wouldn't have even knew how to sell back then.
  15. TashaJ

    Lets meet, I am in ##user_city##

    Personally, I've always preferred ##user_preference## girls.
  16. TashaJ

    What do you do all day?

    Sometimes I see the same members over and over again on here. Do people have BHW constantly open? I recently changed jobs and now spend most of the day working on my laptop so have been more active on this forum. But before I only used to check the forum once every few weeks or longer. What do...
  17. TashaJ

    How can you build trust when promoting crypto currencies?

    I've built a few crypto projects in the past, each time I start another I does slightly better than the past. But I still have the big issue of convincing investors, initially at the start that its a safe investment, i.e, I'm not going to just run away with their money. I'm not just talking...
  18. TashaJ

    stop what your doing and google this...

    how do lobsters communicate - You're welcome.
  19. TashaJ

    Best place to register .io domain?

    Anybody registered an .io domain before? How much did it cost? The cheapest I've seen is around $30. Thanks
  20. TashaJ

    What websites provide temporary phone numbers for receiving texts for account verifications?

    I'm looking for temporary phone numbers to receive texts to verify different social media accounts. There used to be a russian website which provided SMSs for less than $0.1 but can't remember it now.