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    What shall I do....?

    I just realised I have access to a fairly large database of people that have/are spending a lot of money on a protein/supplements site. I am trying to find a way of monetising this list, however, I am not sure which would be the best way of doing so.... I'm thinking of finding a clickbank...
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    I purchased SB a while back, and although i have had some success using it (in terms of actually getting some backlinks)... however, I HATE and tbh I'm not very good at scraping blogs and getting my comments published... So I would like to know, where can I get autoapprove blog lists from...
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    $1000 per month

    Hello, Ive got an offline business which I have recently started and is going well, though it can always do better!!! I am looking for ways to earn $1000 per month through other (online) methods.... One which i am currently considering is setting up a site, getting adwords on there and buying...
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    Google Backlinks

    Hi, Im trying to find/remember how to find my backlinks on google. I know that a lot of people use "" but its cr*p tbh.... I once saw another string that was something like: or something like that! That showed me loads of backlinks to my site! Any...
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    Edu/Gov backlinks

    Hey, How do you find edu and gov sites to get backlinks from? I have been using SB, but its not very successful!
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    Website Auditor Help ASAP

    Hello I have got website auditor and I have ran a report for a website. In the body text section of the report it has identified over 120 1-word phrases and over 200 multi-word phreses, making the total report 40+ pages. How can I limit the number of keywords it finds or lists in this section...
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    How to beat competitor...

    Hello I have recently started seo-ing my relatively new site... PR 0 and backlinks to domain = 159 So far I have paid for a 2000 directory submission service and got 1500 xrumer service too. I have also been building blog comment links up manually. The company ranking #1 in google for my...
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    UK business listings

    hey im looking for free uk bisiness listing sites? any ideas?
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    Social Bookmarking??

    I am always hearing about social bookmarks and bookmarking services? What are the benefits of these? Is it something that is done constantly for the same site? (I mean would you order 100+ bookmarks for the same site every month?) Also, wouldnt you want to keep bookmarking your site from...
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    Hello I keep seeing people buying different domains for the same site for "SEO purposes". Such as aged domains or ones with keywords in them. Now I understand how this can be useful, but I am unsure as to how you get search engine to rate you on them. I know all domains should be set up as a...
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    Best FB Tools

    Hey, Im looking for the best facebook automated tools for scraping and adder. Any suggestions/experiences?
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    How not to get suspended

    Hello, I am just wondering what twitter software is best for auto following etc that are undetectable.... I am also looking for good tips and best practices to not get suspended! Thanks! :)
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    Facebook from logins to IDs

    Hello I have bunch of email addresses, which most I am sure have facebook, however I need to find a way of getting their user IDs from these emails.... Any ideas?
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    Multiple domains and SEO

    Hello I have jst started a new website, and obviously purchased the business name as the main domain. I have also purchased variations/misspellings of the business name too. Further, I have purchased a couple of descriptive/keyword domains that dont have the business name in. My question is...