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    $300 - $400 for a new Laptop, should I go for DELL, HP or Lenovo?

    I want to buy a laptop, I want to go into video editing and have a few games (not very heavy games) my current laptop freezes and lags too much, really beginning to frustrate me. Looking for buy a laptop that won't lag when working with it. The specification below is for a $300 HP laptop, do...
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    How can I create this

    looking for a tool to create gif like the one above with lots of animation options in it, checked Google for a tool didn't find what i needed in the free tools the paid ones are over my budget currently, open to both free and paid recommendations but will prefer a free tool if any is available.
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    I Want To Hire Someone to help Customise An App for me Please want to know how much it will cost me to customise this App script, nothing much will be done just Link to Site pages on Nav bar, changing and putting images
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    Please Recommend me a Wordpress E-commerce App builder

    Please I want to create an App for a small business, a shop that sells electronics. I can't code but hoping to learn. I need an App builder that does not look basic I want give the shop owner my best my budget $100 for it, even if it not one time payment like billed annually. The shop can't...
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    Please Who can Fix this Wordpress Problem

    I updated a plugin on my site, then some of the posts on my site start doing this. Have tried some tutorials on how to fix it like deactivating all plugins from file manager by renaming file but it didn't work. Please would be really glad of someone can help me fix this problem
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    People in Same Place like the University All Have Same/Similar IP Why Aren't They Banned

    Have been wondering, from what i have learnt so far from these forum so far, people in same location have same or similar IP. But in the university/collage thousands of people login into Instagram or other sites from same/similar IP without same issues, why is it so? Will be glad if someone...
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    Help Facebook Page Revealing My Name, How Can I Remove It

    Please, I'm having some issues with my page which i created newly, don't why know it keeps on revealing the name of the account the created the page was created with. This appears in every post that that goes live on the page. Please anyone have any clue how i can resolve this. I tried...
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    Saturday Motivation To Get You Going And Hopefully Become A Billionaire

    Hello fellow Blackhatters How is your Saturday going hope you are having a good time :) ? Saturday Motivation Recently i was surfing the net i came across something that i found hard to believe , can you guess the age of the youngest billionaire? i was shock to find out how old the youngest...
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    Want Hire A Wordpress Developer

    I need a programmer/developer to help me Modify A Wordpress Theme by MyThemeShop . Change somethings in it to look better. PM me
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    Please i post a redirect URL on Facebook to my site , URL was working few hours ago , suddenly checked it ,it no longer working when clicked from Facebook but works when loaded in a browser. RESULT Please Help me out guys :(
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    OMG Can't Belive This Possible 500k + Views in Empty YouTube Channel ,You Gotta To Check This out.

    Was streaming YouTube this morning looking for yesterday UEFA Champions league highlights and I found this. Saw a video with thumbnails of the match score of Porto Vs Liverpool. Click on it video had 500k+ views within 24 hrs Monetization was enabled had 3 Ad breaks 11 minutes + video. Then I...
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    Great Journey To $400 A Day With Quiz Site.

    Hello Blackhatters started up this journey thread to keep myself focussed ,avoid procrastination, reduce rate of laziness and last but not the least learn from my failures & mistakes. I'm gonna share with you guys my success and also failure, what I did to succeed , what I failed in doing and...
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    Adsense Site Vs YouTube

    Guys we have a lot of youtubers here and of course sites Adsense or other Ad networks. Let's find out which IM aspect has more revenue. Let's say our opinion based on experience. Let's say 1000 USA traffic daily 1 page view and 1 video ,number of ads on post 5 and number of ads on video 5...
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    Hello BlackHatters need help from an expert please I want to reduce the size of the image above to 157x25 without losing its quality ,I tried alot of things and tools which I could get my hands on but image picks on becoming blur or stretched after reducing it Samples below =Blur = stretched...
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    Hello Fellow BlackHatters I need help with something on my site (wordpress) most of you guys here on have pretty much knowledge about SEO unlike Newbies like me , had to turn to you guys for help seo gurus . This My Problem • I have two domains which I registered in Google Search...
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    I have been wondering why people buy SMM services, sometimes I wonder if this cheap services they provide aren't a Bot Empire they own , why then do people buy their services . • hope I'm not mistaken are those traffic real people? •Apart from want to make an Account (brand ) look like an...
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    Wordpress Site Guide

    Please I downloaded a wordpress plugin and a Theme tried uploading the zip file ,but when I click on it, the file opens up with more files in it, please I don't know the particular file to upload. Please help. P.S : don't just read and ignore :(.
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    The Ad networks to earn from without a website (direct link)

    hello people of BHW! I have been searching for Ad networks that I can earn from without a website. I only found propellerAd which pays for Push notification Subscription. I would be glad to get a replies from you guys:) on Ad networks to try out.