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  1. bizroot

    Free Press Release

    I believe every body knows whats press release :D Still I am putting few lines so some one new can also understand. Press releases are one of the most powerful publicity tools available today for all business owners. Benefits of Press Release:- 1) More traffic to your site 2) Build a brand...
  2. bizroot

    107 free proxy passed scrapebox on 29th sep

    Hi Everybody Thought to share some proxy... Not exclusive proxies but free ones. These are tested through scrapebox after collecting through different forums. All are Google test Passed and with time <30 ms so you can use them to do what ever you want. Good for commenting through scrapebox...
  3. bizroot

    Any Body Using Vivvo CMS Script?

    I am stuck with my robots.txt... One of my site is facing problem... Google is indexing txt and print version of my articles also... I tried to block them from robots.txt but still same problem... I am unable to block bots from crawling and indexing them... Site got 1600+ unique article and now...
  4. bizroot

    Free License Key To Activate AVG Anti-Virus (paid-version) Till 2018

    I don't know if it was shared or not... I tried to check but couldn't find it anywhere.... Lots of you may be using free antivirus tool, here is solution... Get a paid version of avg antivirus till 2018 without paying any dime... :) To use AVG Anti-Virus for free till 2018, just download and...
  5. bizroot

    $500 daily to $5k daily

    I got PM asking about suggestions... So I am putting basic outlines over here so every one can see it. If you are not making money just follow this and I gurantee you soon you will start making it. Earning potential will depend upon you... No new method or magic formula just plain old rules...