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  1. freething

    Clickbank + Adwords + Landing page + website policy/disclaimers

    Does anyone know where i can get the proper legal disclaimers and policies needed to put on my landing page so that Adwords will accept my clickbank affiliate landing page?
  2. freething

    Amazon kindle unlimited purchases

    Does anyone know of a good Amazon kindle unlimited book purchasing service? The one I used on here before was good but seems to be out of service and I can't get in touch with the owner.
  3. freething

    Kindle Book contributor, author keywords

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to place keywords in the book contributor author's area where the author name goes. Please private message me. I will pay you if you can put a list of keywords in the contributor's name and get it approved, then give me rights to the amazon KDP account.
  4. freething

    Has anyone used

    Hello. Has anyone ever used I can't really find any reviews on this service other than on the actual website.
  5. freething

    High PR backlinking service with the best results??

    Hands down, What is the best high PR backlinking service that get results?!?!
  6. freething

    I need a Verified purchased Amazon book Review

    I need a Verified purchased Amazon book Review. I would like this done for $5. please send me a private message.
  7. freething

    I need Amazon Reviews

    I need 70 purchased verified Amazon reviews. Help please!
  8. freething

    amazon kindle bestsellers question

    If I have more than 1 kindle ebook, I was wondering if it was possible for more than 1 book to be in the top 100 at the same time.
  9. freething

    how to index my page for a certain keywords in google

    Does anyone know the fastest way to get my page indexed for certain keywords. In other words, How do I get my page to show up in the SERPS for a certain keyword.
  10. freething

    Keywords with more than 1 billion monthly searches

    Hello, I know it is pointless for me to be looking for keywords with over 1 billion searches per month due to the competition, but I am doing a case study, and wanted to know if someone knew how I could find only keywords with this many searches per month.
  11. freething

    Uploading a book to amazon with multiple titles

    Hello, does anyone know if it is against amazon's policies to list the same e-book under multiple similar titles?
  12. freething

    Amazon reviews

    Hello, I am in the midst of creating an e-book. Upon finishing the e-book towards the middle of this month, I plan on uploading it to amazon and offering it for free for about a week. During that free week, I am in need of as many amazon book reviews as possible. If you can provide this service...
  13. freething

    Indexing with scrapebox

    I have 245 million urls on my site. Does anyone know how I can get links back to those longtail urls using scrapebox?
  14. freething

    Best Domain parking company for domains with credit in it.

    What are the best domain parking companies for domains with credit in it.
  15. freething

    Profitable keywords

    I am planning on getting into domain name parking, and I am looking for resources to find out what keywords are most profitable.
  16. freething

    amazon web servces

    Hello. I have a web hosting service that claims they have unlimited disk space usage for accounts, but when i created my sitemaps, they demanded that I delete them because they were taking up so much space. I explained to them this was not for storage purposes but actually being used as part of...
  17. freething

    Text file sitemaps??

    Do basic text file sitemaps work well to get my links indexed quick?
  18. freething

    Best Domain parking company

    In your opinion, what is the best domain parking company which is easy to make money using?
  19. freething

    XML Sitemap

    I have a list of keywords that i want to use in creating a sitemap in the valid XML format. is there a program that allows me to type in my domain name and upload my keywords so that the output format will be.. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset...
  20. freething

    Image Monetizing

    I have this funny photoshopped picture of Tiger woods kissing oprah winphrey. I want to monetize it by signing up with an image hosting company, hot linking it and getting paid by the view. Is this the best thing to do? If not. Please give me some tips on what would work and what would not work.