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  1. mrorzio

    Interested in Joining My Private Affiliate Network AVG $104 Commission

    Hey BHW, I am thinking about opening up my private affiliate network to a few of you. I'm involved in many high dollar marketing projects and have had the opportunity to build an affiliate network infrastructure. I'm trying to gauge interest by a few members who want an exclusive money back...
  2. mrorzio

    {Method Requested} **^^** How Can I Turn Likes to Customers On Facebook?

    Found a nifty little ad sequence that targets the customer I want and gets me 1k likes a day for $10-15. Now What is the best Method for turning those likes into customers while still staying at a profitable ROI on a $37 dollar product? So if it cost me $10 dollars for 1k likes of true...
  3. mrorzio

    Quick Ranking Website Setup - $$$$ Method/Help Thread $$$$

    Just wanted to give back. Here to answer questions but I really should ask that maybe even those way smarter than me answer them. All my opinion and what I have seen. I learned a lot of SEO from guys in this thread. BTB, Tommy, Cash 202, Big Buddy and more and more and more Here is the...
  4. mrorzio

    Free MOZ ACCOUNT - 90 days for free on moz

    Check out this link. A paragraph or two down in a link to get a 90 free trial from Moz. Make sure and cancel Moz 2 months into it and grab another email and do it again... :)
  5. mrorzio

    SEO Proposal TOOL - That is Easy and Works

    I have searched this forum and others for a smooth, easy, quick, great, nice, etc.. proposal tool. I have used most of them. Wanted to share one I found that actually took me 15 minutes to set up and generate a very professional proposal. it comes with a 14 day free trial. the site is...
  6. mrorzio

    [METHOD] Long Term SEO Success - How to Start a Cheap Blog Network with Authority!

    I wanted to get my rep and thanks up so I wanted to share a nugget on here to help others. You Will End Up With. Domains and Pages that have authority on them. Natural looking blogs with post and pics. Links built that won't effect the money sites you are linking to. This method is simple...
  7. mrorzio

    Beginners - Most Important Seo Tip Ever

    Working on My 100th post. :embarasse I was trying to think of what I was going to contribute. In doing that I started asking some of my relatives and some small business owners what they knew <newbie> about SEO. I realized that some of the absolute basics are some things I have never seen in...
  8. mrorzio

    *Get Free Press Release Service*

    Just a note of something I do and thought I would contribute. I searched for it but if it is already posted please add the link here as well. I use these for a mixture of Tier 1, 2, 3 links. I treat like an article submission. There are great guides on how to write them. LET ME NOTE! The...
  9. mrorzio

    I GOT SCREWED - Nightmare Happened

    I bought a site... it was in a niche I was interested in and had everything I wanted. I had all the content and was ready to get to ranking. 300 bucks was a deal so I bought it on flippa. 2 weeks later I get a nice notice -- Site deindexed and broke some rules... Back and forth I corrected...
  10. mrorzio

    Free Email Autoresponder and Noob Method to Cashing in

    Just again wanting to give something back. I was a newb/noob not to long ago... I still consider myself one. Money's tight and you got dreams, right! If you look on this forum there are some great methods to run SOLO ads to offers and gain subscribers and then use your affiliate links to drive...
  11. mrorzio

    The snitch

    Went to see the new Dwayne "Rock" Johnson movie this afternoon. I must say that it is the best movie I have seen in a long time. It is truly not what you think it is going to be. The previews had it all action etc... IT actually had a good story line and was a great movie. Put The "Rock" into a...
  12. mrorzio

    Need Complete KW, Site, SEO Package Deal

    LOOKING FOR ADVISER or HIRE SERVICE/FREELANCER We have a business and am looking to hire a service or freelancer. We can not target anything obviously but what makes sense to drive traffic to our legitimate business. We are located in Southern US and would prefer an english speaking person to...