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  1. Bob644

    need Push Ad network that drives online shop conversions

    Do you know a reliable ad network for advertising push ads to drive conversion in a online shop?
  2. Bob644

    Anyone ever created a profitable twitter campaign?

    I always tried to run Twitter ads but never really succeeded. If you ever ran successful Twitter ads i would be happy if you could Tell me: What offer did you have? What are your kpis? What are your experiences compared to yt ads or Google ads. What did your ad Look like? How do you structure...
  3. Bob644

    Did anybody ever succeded in using a new fb ads account with proxys?

    Hello, A year ago my fb ads account got suspended. I tried everything like rent a private server, use residential proxys over gologin. Used a new device. But nothing worked. Do you ever had success with that? If yes please could you explain in detail how you have done this? Iam not searching...
  4. Bob644

    Smm panel with ability to unfollow again

    Does anyone knows an smm panel where I can (only if I want) remove the delivered followers again?
  5. Bob644

    German SMM Panel

    Hello, iam a big german reseller with customerbase. Does anyone know a panel with german followers? I would leave a lot of money there. Thank you
  6. Bob644

    Searching for Instagram Bot

    Hello everyone, i need a trustworthy instagram bot which sends automatically dms to all story viewers and people who interacted with the account. It also should follow those people and like their posts. Is there any bot out there which works properly and doesnt hurt my account? It wouldnt be...
  7. Bob644

    Hello, iam an smm Panel owner

    Hello, I've been reading this forum for several months, but never created an account. I have a smm panel and I have the problem that PayPal has blocked me and I cannot find any alternative means of payment. I would be happy to exchange ideas with you.