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  1. billobarber

    [HAF] how to run aff. offer

    can someone good and experienced person teach me how i can promote my dating and nutra affiliate offer please? iam stuck the tracking thing or postback. budget: we can decide i know few things. so frustration level will be low.
  2. billobarber

    [HAF] affiliate helper

    Iam looking for a person who has experience in running dating affiliate offers from networks. Iam looking to coach me basically on 3-4 things. 1) how to setup the tracking, postback fallback 2) how to use a good lander & get sure approval for campaign. 3) how to optimise campaign (later) Things...
  3. billobarber


    Hi looking for someone who can rip landing pages for me on daily basis. I will pay for the work and daily via any preffered paymnt method. They are simple if you know what to do Like ads running on porn sites, cam sites, chat sites, banner or whatever it is which asks or based on 2-3 questions...
  4. billobarber

    [JV] Your cloud telephony system, my good list of buyers.

    Hello all. i wanted to ask if there are people out here who have knowledge or have been worked in cloud telephony system like vonage, grasshopper, ring central, tollreeforwarding etc.. these companies actually provide toll free phone numbers for different countries to work on for the people who...
  5. billobarber

    setup push notification campaign

    looking for someone who is experienced in push notification in ad networks form approving to running it., i can afford $50 for some knowledge sharing. ping me.
  6. billobarber

    printer website ranking

    Hi there! Since im always doing google ads for my printer website and putting it on top 5, Its actually not giving much output cos of other competitors and big fishes with no budget limut. Iam just asking here a noob question. If i have printer website for offering printer installation help or...
  7. billobarber

    what is this called?

    hello graphic guys what is this design called? flyer or poster or something else. how can we make box shape like this, for free.. thank you
  8. billobarber

    hosting files and CDN

    hello fellas, im looking fro someone who can help me uploading files on hsoting and attaching CDN, also if it is with digitcean droplets or vultr servers. it will be good. budget $20-25
  9. billobarber

    hosting files, cdn and ip rotation

    hello folks i want someone to teach me about how to upload a file on hosting and dont want to get reported fast. i have heard it can be done with 2-3 ways via CDN (content delivery network) way, makes it fast and we can change it when the page is down. or if reported, deceptive i should change...
  10. billobarber

    [JV] Your adwords making skills & my resources

    Hi Fellas, im looking for people who are here doing adwords farming or may be running them. i will provide you "VCC" which is the most important thing of the adwords, you make the accounts , you keep some for yourself, give me some details. i will also provide some resources if you MAY need but...
  11. billobarber advertiser signup

    Hello people, i need help in advertising over like google and bing. but i cannot find the advertiser login page. can someone help me if there is anyway to signup for their traffic?.. or if someone can give me a video on it, cos im new to it. thank u so much all
  12. billobarber

    bitcoin payment gateway!

    i was actually looking for some kind of bitcoin payment gateway where my customers can pay with their credit/debit cards (not to redirect them to buy bitcoin then send it)when they receive invoice of payment. Im done with shitty paypal and their nowhere ending documents required. Though i have...
  13. billobarber

    Free Ebook or book

    hi helpies, im looking for websites where i can download some books for daily readings and also this one--- SAP materials Management by Mukesh Shukla someone please help me with it. thanks in advance.
  14. billobarber

    sublimation tool or t-shirt design

    Hello homies, I was actually looking for someone who can help me or please guide me through the process of putting sublimation of t-shirt design tool or t-shirt design page, where anyone can customize the Design as per thier need. For example. I have hooked up some sites. It's urgent. Please...
  15. billobarber

    domain n hosting.

    Like I'm a newbie starting with making a site and testing my skills. Can someone tell me where to get domains and hosting for free. Or atleast for a month. Any domain can work. I need to practice sites.
  16. billobarber

    AdWords blogspot

    Hi guys I'm looking for some help with AdWords Blogspot (blogger site)and then do a template tracking on it. It saves from making sites again n again and it giving good result. Can someone help me please.
  17. billobarber

    Shopify selling things

    hi, i wanted to ask like can i sell very good surplus winter jackets, jeans, trending shirts etc. Costing about $15-35 pr product on shopify? and how do i will receive money and when? i am new to it. Someone please help. here are images for reference.
  18. billobarber


    Hi homies, looking for "Sierra Burgess Is a Loser" Netflix series videos. Anyone know how can I download them for free or where to watch it for free. Thank you in advance. Love you all Happy Winter coming.
  19. billobarber

    can someone tell me which network is this?

    i want to know what network is this. please help me.
  20. billobarber

    JS expert for popup

    hi looking for some one who can create popups with me as i am generating popup calls. looking for experienced people. Newbies are not alowed, people who are already doing are preffered. payments can be made on per popup lander creation or as you agree. thanks. pm me asap.