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  1. ShashiKumaar

    MY EXPERIENCE WITH YT SHORTS - 3 months of uploading shorts

    All based on your native click bait. There are many garbage and nonsense yt shorts are getting viral especially preview screen which depicts some adult content.
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    Cold Emailing-How Am I Doing?

    When it comes to CM through Gmail I don't have any experience on this. SInce I am already using a 15yo domain for same purpose. Since you goal is make aware about your services. I would highly recommend first check your domain reputation and email deliverability of your prospect. You can target...
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    Cold Emailing-How Am I Doing?

    To avoid being spammed make sure. It should have at least open rate 40% and reply rate 20% doing bulk mailing to mass cold audience would be bad idea. Such acts would mark your domain as being black listed. Personalization is right way for cold mailing than broadcasting like newsletters.
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    End of the Year: Say one good thing about yourself!

    Became self independent and more stronger from inside.
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    Need Advice on how to generate warm leads for SEO

    Warm Leads through SEO seriously how do you control quality when your traffic is organic. Focus on traffic which probable the chance of required volume of warm leads. Cold Calling is dead I had tried number of ways there are many privacy issues. Cold Mailing better than CC but one should give...
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    I was expecting multistorey underground building.
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    I cannot buy expensive backlinks

    Buying BLs are kinda investment just like running ads if you cant invest you cant earn.
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    [B2B Method Revealed] 60% Conversion on LinkedIn Prospecting

    I had better successful a plucking low hanging fruit through outreach using InMail. Even I had used phantombuster for inviting connections for connecting it worked like charm.
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    [FREE] Canva for Education Account for active members

    Much Needed Count me in.
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    Indian PM Twitter account hacked with a crypto scam

    I can still see in the screen shot. That tweet has been retweeted hundreds of times. Not sure how much BTC did he made with that google affiliate link.
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    My Journey to Creating Authority B2B Magazine

    Hello OP. Thanks you taking time for the clarification. I still have a couple of doubts based on your above statements. So it needs a better understanding for that targeting niche. Lets say if someone approach them in meaningful way for online casual conversation. What if your target audiences...
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    My Journey to Creating Authority B2B Magazine

    I have been following your journey have a few question would like to clarify. How did you incentivize people online linkedin to take the actions? As this seems to be hardest until he knows you personally else every outreach to unknown connection are being perceived are a spam. Especially micro...
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    [METHOD] Easy passive income through LinkedIn

    Biggest problem i noticed when you mass dm people perceive as spam. Main reason is they don't feel incentivized for that action or they don't see real value behind this. Also you did not mention company size small growing are likely to respond such messages. Plus there is also limit to mass dm...
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    İs Email marketing illegal?

    While cold mailing there are certain conditions are process. Which you must follow according to their data protection act rights. You must mention into the mail like how you have received their email? Purpose? Why them? etc. There are certain guideliness has been set GDPR who EM with or without...
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    Google indexing

    Clients only looks for ROI they could not convinced by showing them the vanity matrics. Such problem are quite common in early stages of startups where you work with most of the arrogant and loss making low hanging clients into the industry. There is no use of such qualification and skills when...
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    How to cold email 200 000 emails?

    Cold Mail and Automation doesnt go hand in hand. People now can sense from miles an automatted email. Even tho you are landing inbox it would be very inefficeint you will likely to get endresults. I am personally doing getting an average response through mail is 30% and 1% into meeting.
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    [METHOD] Easy passive income through LinkedIn

    I had utilized one of my own method. Where I had directly approached as company cofunder to executives and jobseeker(you will find tons of them) to follow the linked page. I had done an A/B testing between two profiles. Same script. Both 20 requests per day each out of which 5 have accept to...
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    Google indexing

    What if you are an agency? How will you convince your client?
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    Best way to cold email businesses

    I would prefer avoid automation. As you might end up being spammed to death and blacklisted forever. B2B is not a numbers game. Needs lots skills in networking and hand shakes.
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    Will SEO and Internet Marketing die with Web 3.0?

    IM in my opinion has become a long term game and less profitable. People online always looks for somethings new than stick to thier boring product. Which opens the gate for us?