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  1. cyrsss

    Broad/ Exact or Phrase? Which MATCH type is best for google adwords campaign?

    you need to slowly increase KWs from exact to phrase not at once ... otherwise u will end up early You need on going optimization as well to maintain QS
  2. cyrsss

    --Niche normal Blog post || Niche permanent Blog post-->100% do-follow Niche backlink

    can u show me sample in software development industry ?
  3. cyrsss

    New Do-follow (Pr2 TO Pr6) Manual Blog Comments Service |New Cheap Prices||Low Obl's|

    I am going to order and will give review
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    [100% FREEBIE] Get $0.01 CPC On AdWords From US/Britain/Canda/Australia ON YOUR NICHE.

    can you send me keyword in "Driving School" niche ?
  5. cyrsss

    [Question] Convert clicks vs conversion in adword ????

    1. I came to a site by pc but do nothing, then later I go to that site again but using my mobile and buy 2 shirts. Google Consider it seperate things as far as i know means (Tablets , Mobile and Desktop) have seperate conversions.As you directly go through URL in mobile then I dont think Google...
  6. cyrsss

    [Question] Convert clicks vs conversion in adword ????

    Converted Click = Actual Conversion Take Place With Specific Click (converted clicks -> same goes for others click) Conversions = May be User Buy More items and more transactions through 1 (Converted click)
  7. cyrsss

    Traffic from Google

    Thats Why there is term "Google Delay" As now a days Google evaluate site then after random time your site either move up or down but very slow process!!!
  8. cyrsss

    Wolf of Blog Network -2$/Homepage Permanent Post-One Time Fee-Low OBL-50% Off - Part 5

    Very good PA/Da Network ... At very affordable rates !
  9. cyrsss

    AdWord Suspended Domain & Review Question ?

    1 - Your site must have contact info, about us and few other standard pages 2 - Is it your product or affliate becoz adword dont like affliate sites 3 - Use original content if possible 4 - Once you will made changes tell ad word support by just chat (They have nice support) or call them !
  10. cyrsss

    G+: "Google has suspended your page due to quality issues."

    Either you have some duplicate information means Phone,Adress or something which cause this issue !
  11. cyrsss

    ♛Ruling Authority♛UPTO DA 90+ Permanent Links || Base of a Strong Backlink Profile ||♛

    Please Send me List of domains so i choose ! Plus show me sample links as well thankyou
  12. cyrsss

    Free links on Forbes, Mashable and Inc

    Count me in :D Hope to get link from these Sites
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    Powerful Links from Google Friendly Authority Websites!!!

    Please Show me Samples !
  14. cyrsss

    Free PBN Domains

    Please count me in !