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  1. Willyfish

    Do you love or hate Nickelback?

  2. Willyfish

    The best christmas song for you all

    A gift from the fish. Wish you a merry christmas with the best christmas song of all time Take care, and enjoy your holidays with your family :) Sincerely, Fishyfish
  3. Willyfish

    Is it me or... (not covid thread)

    Recently, I saw a big trend going on here... Many fish threads are opened in the lounge. More than covid threads... I have no idea about where it comes from. Anyone of you has a clue? This trend is weird for an IM forum...
  4. Willyfish

    What is your biggest addiction?

    I spoke a bit before about digital addiction. This open question is a continuity and more general topic. In your daily life, what is your biggest addiction? Pretending to be a fish on a forum? Burgers? Drawing Christmas hats for a whole community? Chewing gum? Playing games? Personally, I...
  5. Willyfish

    Do you feel digital = addiction?

    We work in digital marketing... We use our screen all the time to evolve and make money. Do you ever feel stuck in a sense that you become a slave to the digital world more and more? First thing I do in the morning is looking at my phone, last thing I do during the evening is looking at my...
  6. Willyfish

    Why do people think BHW is 90% of billionaires?

    I see lots of threads here from mostly newbies who believe BHW is full of people with deep pockets and have Bill Gates as coworker... Did you also believe that when you first registered? Personally... Yes :oops:
  7. Willyfish

    any salesmen around here, do you prefer marketing or sales?

    Do you work in a sales department? Is it rewarding? Tell me your experience with it :)
  8. Willyfish

    best remarketing memes

  9. Willyfish

    The fish feels good because of you all

    I just had my 6'000 reaction score, feels great. You are all fish lovers and I am very happy about it. You support me, even though my jokes and sense of humour is absolutely horrible most of the time, thank you :) I have a special request now that I am a premium member. @BassTrackerBoats can...
  10. Willyfish

    my life as a digital marketer

  11. Willyfish

    Who remember this hilarious video?

    It was one of my first experience with a viral video in my school. Who has nostalgia watching this?
  12. Willyfish

    Is the polite cat real or fake?

    I never found if this meme showed a real cat smiling face or if it was fake. Her name was Ollie, the polite cat. Thoughts?
  13. Willyfish

    this video will change your way of seeing the world

    keep the eyes focused on the problem... not the distraction.
  14. Willyfish

    I want to speak about corona

    What do you think about Corona? You like it?
  15. Willyfish

    Why BHW is full of vaccine experts (dunning kruger)

    I am quite surprised to see so many people here having a scientific proven knowledge and analysis about the vaccine. Maybe we should all stop talking about it after all... This effect is why we think we are all experts. PS: @RushingWind kiss kiss for the scientific name.
  16. Willyfish

    Do I watch too much porn?

    It's been months that I am followed by webcam ads on BHW. Do you have them too? Mainly stripchat or bongacams
  17. Willyfish

    The state of the make money guru is a headache

    Just read an article about copywriting and this paragraph made me realise where we were at today (and laugh) :D Share your thoughts!
  18. Willyfish

    In defense of the unvaccinated fishes

    This Photograph Shows The Dramatic Differences In Two Fishes Who Were Exposed To The Same Fishpox Source One was vaccinated, one was not. Listen to doctors, and nonetheless don't forget to laugh in your life, because it's shorter than it seems and we will all die faster than we would have...
  19. Willyfish

    500 000 000 yt subscribers in 2 months is easy

    I am sure you saw these "beluga" discord memes... I am actually very surprised by how fast it became absolutely crazy with thousands of channels taking the concept now. This young guy absolutely nailed the youtube game and is the genius behind this trend. Those numbers are absolutely nuts!
  20. Willyfish

    shoutout to a very special member

    @RoiBox Every time I say a stupid joke, which makes no one laugh, you always back me up. You are a real bro :oops: Happy week-end to everyone! EDIT: I decided to co-shoutout this thread to include @Scorpion Ghost due to a jealousy crisis