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  1. jenoms_lim

    How to index Parasite site on google ?

    help me please :)
  2. jenoms_lim

    Teach me to play CPA movie

    lately I'm bored in bringing movie site traffic and no sales at all. teach me about this can at least produce thousands of dollars a month. maybe there will be a reward for you.
  3. jenoms_lim

    Confused with Google adword Help me.

    I am focus on CPA Affiliate. it's been almost 2 days that my ad has been approved but there has been no broadcast. are there any special tricks to speed up the delivery. I am very confused about what is wrong with this. Help me
  4. jenoms_lim

    What is the best CPA Affiliate Movie Streaming and real content?

    I want to join the CPA Affiliate Movie / TV Series that is really real, please recommend the site. thank you
  5. jenoms_lim

    Help me, Questions About CPA Affiliate Movie / TVSeries

    I pursue CPA affiliate movie / tv series business in one of the world's leading networks. which I doubt so far. After the visitor submit a credit card for the list or become a member, Does the content of the movie / tv in each CPA offer is true there is a movie / tv? or in the offer movie that...
  6. jenoms_lim

    Suggestions CPA Method Movie and TV Series

    very worrying my CPA income last month and now ... is there any advice and the method I should use to increase my income, especially in niche movie and tv series. for guidance and advice methods. thanks . :(
  7. jenoms_lim

    What's on facebook? help me

    last week I bought from my friend's facebook account. when I do a facebook account login information appears checkpoint or blocked account. is there a way to overcome that is not exposed checkpoint facebook? This is very detrimental to me.
  8. jenoms_lim

    Ad-Center CPA Affiliate. write email and I'll invite you to join.

    Join Affiliate ... write email and I'll invite you to join. With the proviso must understand the CPA. Offer attractive Movie / TV Series, Book, Games, Mp3. thanks you