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  1. billobarber

    Scammed for $1200 by X2 Emails / Vicky & Zeeshan

    over a decade and BHW still cant find a "FIX" for scammed people here. shitlisting, banning wont get the money back. maybe they take 10 more years to find a solution for this. :)
  2. billobarber

    ✅ AWS SLAYER ✅ High Quality Amazon AWS Free Tier Accounts ⭐Affordable Prices ⭐

    i need AZURE acc 200$ credit. please tell me if avail.
  3. billobarber

    {Selling} Azure| Linode | Vultr| AWS SES 50K |Hetzner | Google Cloud |Digital ocean |Port 25 open Clouds

    Do you have azure $200 credit acc? please ping me if.
  4. billobarber

    [HAF] how to run aff. offer

    can someone good and experienced person teach me how i can promote my dating and nutra affiliate offer please? iam stuck the tracking thing or postback. budget: we can decide i know few things. so frustration level will be low.
  5. billobarber

    [HAF] affiliate helper

    Iam looking for a person who has experience in running dating affiliate offers from networks. Iam looking to coach me basically on 3-4 things. 1) how to setup the tracking, postback fallback 2) how to use a good lander & get sure approval for campaign. 3) how to optimise campaign (later) Things...
  6. billobarber

    [JV] My German Dating Sites + Your Traffic

    any other advertising way on your site?
  7. billobarber

    [JV] My German Dating Sites + Your Traffic

    if you allow banner ads on your site. pls let me know too. i need german traffic.
  8. billobarber

    Ask me about Google Adwords (Ads)

    how to run these types of ads? these are white hat ads... any special instructions on these..
  9. billobarber

    Just got shit on my chest by a fucking bird

    From ancient Japanese saying, you are going to be millionaire! CONGO!
  10. billobarber


    Hi looking for someone who can rip landing pages for me on daily basis. I will pay for the work and daily via any preffered paymnt method. They are simple if you know what to do Like ads running on porn sites, cam sites, chat sites, banner or whatever it is which asks or based on 2-3 questions...
  11. billobarber

    FREE SPYFU Report for Everyone

    Please help me with this site. including all the keywords, adcopies as well. Thank you so much. Spoiler
  12. billobarber

    Ask me anyting about Google Ads Campaign

    What type of ads is this? Black or white. Is this easy to setup. Give some light on this ad.
  13. billobarber

    Creating SEO Tool from Scratch

    its not like how its build, you - yourself have to be atleast developer in this case. who knows how things are working. Its not like 1) 1 cup milk 2) half tablespoon of coffee 3) sugar as much you want now put sugar,coffee in milk and stir well. whoaaa! you made a coffee.
  14. billobarber

    Made this whooping sum with Indian Traffic, screenshot.

    search for Nigera or combodia if you think Indians are poor for buying :D
  15. billobarber

    [Giveaway] I will make a free website for you . Anything you want.

    Iam interested pls. Help me.trying from last month but have several issues.
  16. billobarber

    Issues with my wife due BHW

    black and yellow color matters bro! be it a pornhub or blackhatworld :D