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  1. Heiko

    Will the same files on a different domain cause a phishing warning from Google as well?

    Moved them to a other domain.
  2. Heiko

    I am a scammer ?

    Which is exactly what you are not doing. Just the fact that you have created this thread shows how much you really care. Just stop...
  3. Heiko

    Creating new GAds account.

    Enough with the kindergarden accusations. Keep it on topic and be professional. Geez.
  4. Heiko

    can i make money from watching anime?

    No, but you can build something around the anime niche (A website, a forum, a shop etc.) and use your anime knowledge to build content and monetize it.
  5. Heiko

    Weight loss. What worked ?

    You don't need to enter the gym to lose weight. All you have to do is lower you calorie intake and do some cardio. Do cardio 30 minutes a day and lower your calorie-intake. Once you feel like you hit a plateu, start to increase the cardio intensity or do longer periods of cardio per day...
  6. Heiko

    what the hell is 7878-method?
  7. Heiko

    SMM panel with discord online members

    Please open a WTB Thread for this.
  8. Heiko

    Happy New Year 2022 !!! to all BHW Members

    Happy new year to everyone!
  9. Heiko

    Ideas for cash cow channels?

    You write the script and pay someone to voice it over for you.
  10. Heiko

    What Happened to Signatures?

    Thread closed.
  11. Heiko

    How do you deal with the uncertainty of internet marketing projects?

    Just embrace it and see it as a part of the journey. There are probably not a lot of people on this world that started working for themselves and found success right away. It's a process that can take months or even years and thats okay. Mistakes will be made and this is good. Only from that you...
  12. Heiko

    Merry Christmas to you all, hope you get a lot of very expensive gifts .. =)

    I wish all the members a Merry Christmas and some relaxing days. Take some time off and enjoy time with the family & friends!
  13. Heiko

    yesterday night i got a wet dream..

    WTF is your problem? After these posts you would be the last person i would ever purchase something from.
  14. Heiko

    youtube monetization!!!

    No, they really do. There was even a newsletter from Youtube regarding what they call "policy change".
  15. Heiko

    What would you choose: find your only soulmate or fuck every possible prostitute in the world?

    Neither. I would close this dumbass thread instead.
  16. Heiko

    I respect mods but if they are mods they can post anything in closed thread.

    You don't make the rules. Funny you say that, yet you can't ignore @Echo's reply. Thread closed. Don't even bother opening a new one about this.
  17. Heiko

    How do other people perceive you in public?

    Behaviors depend on the mood of the person as well. They just could be having a very shitty day. Their wife left them, they lost their Job etc. - There are a million things that can ruin your mood and sometimes that reflects in our behaviour towards other people as well.