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  1. natedogg

    Is this a write off

    I borrowed working capital loan from Shopify and they take out a fee for every sale until I pay back the loan. My accountant said I don't add those daily fees up and claim them as business expenses. He only adds the original fees taken out from Shopify and PayPal as merchant fees. I thought I...
  2. natedogg

    Business Debt

    What do you think the average small business debt is in the US? I have a feeling a lot of businesses are living above their means with their nice cars and lavish vacations.
  3. natedogg

    Not Good to be Around Family Too Much!

    Came back from a labor day cookout and some family you need to say bye and get out of your life! I'm not the type that likes to brag or compete, but man my in-laws make it so obvious they are jealous haters. I have been self-employed for a while now, and my businesses are growing. Someone asked...
  4. natedogg

    Cost of PPE ads

    Could anyone explain to me why people always say go by your engagement cost when doing PPE ads? I never really did PPE ads and get 0.03 cents but my CPC link cost is $2.00. I had two people click on this ad and spend $4.03. I was told to go the PPE route because I have a viral product that I'm...
  5. natedogg

    need a new accountant

    My accountant is so nitpicky! Last year I went to a Florida convention with my wife who is on my business charge card. I had to take my kid with me because we didn't have a baby sitter. He says you can't do that... buy plane tickets and bought some meals. My wife is my 2nd employee and I took my...
  6. natedogg

    Any work around

    Hey guys, my competitors are using cart hook. Is there any way I can see there upsells/downsells without purchasing? Thanks
  7. natedogg

    How accurate do you think these salaries are?

    Most groups I belong to on FB shows screenshots of 50-100K a month :rolleyes:
  8. natedogg

    FB Experts?

    Hey guys! I been marketing my website with just FB ads and spent a huge amount of money and I know a lot about FB advertising. However, this one thing I can't figure out. I saw someone in the health niche post a product today with over 10K likes and over 1K shares and getting that within 5...
  9. natedogg

    Best Way to Protect PDF on Clickbank

    What's up guys, I have a product I'm starting on clickbank. What is the best way to protect my PDF from being downloaded for free. Also, best way to convert my PDF to a link for when the customer can download. If it works out I will let people know my CB product. Thanks
  10. natedogg

    What strategy do you think is being used

    I use dropshipping + AliExpress on one of my stores. I do paid traffic via FB and I sell the same product as my competitor. In 3 months his product has almost 100k shares. Every hour he is getting a share. It's not a bot because he has great engagement with his page. Do you think he is: Using...
  11. natedogg

    FB Marketing Rep

    Do you guys have your own FB representitive? I get emails all the time about my business and questions on how I would like to grow it etc. He tells me my CTR is higher then normal in my business. I did talk to another rep and she said yes it was legit. Is there any benefit for having your own rep?
  12. natedogg

    Shortened URL for Shopify

    How do you make your shopify domain like this and redirect it to the product page. Can you just add a path at the end within shopify store? Thanks
  13. natedogg

    What is needed from a graphic designer

    Hey guys, I need unique logo for my company. When I hire a graphic designer what should I ask for regarding files and to make sure the logo is unique and not against any logo trademark. Is there a way to make sure the logo isn't copied and really unique? Thanks
  14. natedogg

    Got to LOVE Competitors!

    I uploaded a picture (funny image) on fb with the person website on it. I then boosted the post and got many likes. He then contacts me and tells me he is reporting me for copyright infringements. The image can be used for commercial use with modification and he just added his website to it...
  15. natedogg

    Buying a Brand Name

    When you guys buy a domain do you buy every extension? I had domain registrar ask multiple times if they could use my brand as another extension like org,net, other country extensions.
  16. natedogg

    Ranking Shopify Blogs

    Hey guys, Do you have a shopify blog? I notice there are not many shopify blogs ranked. Do you think it's a waste to do seo on shopify blogs?
  17. natedogg

    Sold website with fb page

    Hey guys, I sold my website and the new owner will get all social media accounts. My question is my FB page that goes with the website is my personal FB page with the business page on it. I don't care giving him it because I just use FB for advertising. Can the new owner change his name...
  18. natedogg

    Shopify Customers Are Getting Worst!

    Ok, the other day I had a complaint from a customer as some of you have read. Today, a customer asked why I was charged $6 more then what they paid for. I looked at my orders and on my shopify account it shows what he paid. He showed me his Canadian bank statement and it did show he was charged...
  19. natedogg

    Never Had So Many Shopify Scammers!

    I have multiple stores with shopify. I have dropshipping websites and have a website that I create my own products and use fulfillment centers. Anyways, I have this women who emails me 2 times a day telling me she got charged twice from my shopify store. First of all her name doesn't even exist...
  20. natedogg

    Recover FB email

    guys do you know how to recover my email address on a fb page I made a couple of months ago? I tried my phone number and that didn't work.