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  1. joaquin112

    Best way to Scrape FB page ids?

    What is the best tool nowadays for scraping Facebook ids? I have Uidextractor, but it's pretty terrible. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. joaquin112

    Pinterest Sorting Pins

    I'm going to create a new system, but to do it I need to know what the most popular pins are for a certain board. There is no way to sort pins on Pinterest, so my idea is that the only way to accomplish this would be to scrape the entire Pinterest board, export the data to a database and sort it...
  3. joaquin112

    Anyone wants to split costs of this program?

    I received an e-mail today for this product: It looks interesting. The price is a little high so I'm wondering if other people want to split the costs. If we get 7 people it's only about 9 dollars each. Anyone interested? Joaquin
  4. joaquin112

    How is This Done?

    If you go to this sales page: you will notice that if you hit the back button you are not presented with a popup like all the other CB sites. You are instantly taken to a squeeze page. I think this is a pretty good idea. Can anyone who knows...
  5. joaquin112

    Someone to Take a Look at my Site

    Hey guys! I'm in the process of developing a pretty big site. I need some people 3-4 to take a look at the site, and tell me what you think about the navigation, ease of use, etc... the site is still in its early stages, so I need feedback. I thought I'd ask here! PM me, this should only take...
  6. joaquin112

    Hey Guys, who has 10 spare minutes?

    Need some help filling something out for my web design class. You just have to look at a site I built and submit 10 questions, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes and I'd really appreciate it! Need two persons for this. Thanks!
  7. joaquin112

    -5 Penalty?

    DId anyone notice a -5 penalty post panda 3.3? All my keywords are -5 from where they used to be. Has anyone been able to get around it?
  8. joaquin112

    Want: Expert at Article Spinning

    I want to buy 5 articles in perfect spintax format. This means that it should have paragraph, sentence and word level spins. The output should be 100% readable. Anchor text and links should be varied also. If you have experience with this, send me a PM. I'm not looking for someone cheap, but...
  9. joaquin112

    Give me your Zennoposter aff

    I'll buy Zennoposter with the affiliate link of the first person who PMs me or replies here with their aff link.
  10. joaquin112

    Torrent Site

    Hello guys, I figure that one of you must know the answer to this. I have come across a lucrative niche, but unfortunately I need to be able to distribute torrents to ensure that my visitors keep coming back. Does anyone know a good way to distribute torrents that is 100% anonymous and...
  11. joaquin112

    Clickbank JV

    Hello guys, I want to start a clickbank JV. I have researched a lot and I want to start making clickbank products. I'm looking for someone to team up with and possibly make some hard $$$. I am doing this mostly to diversify my current income. I lost 40% of my traffic due to a recent...
  12. joaquin112

    This made my night

    Hi I am emailing all the people that spam my blogs. Not to yell or scream, but to help you understand HOW bad spamming someone is. You probably paid someone to do it or you have a program. First off, G does NOT condone this. You will be black listed and possibly banned from any of the...
  13. joaquin112

    I want AA Scrapebox Lists

    I know everyone has some of these. I lost the 500k AA list I had because of a shitty VPS server that just disappeared. I'm looking for a fairly large list, PM me your price...
  14. joaquin112

    Want: 100 Approved BMR Posts, Paying $90

    This is a one-time thing. I will pay via paypal when the 100 BMR articles are approved. If you have never done BMR before, you should know that they require good spelling and grammar. Articles should be 150+ words long. PM me if interested.
  15. joaquin112

    JV Opportunity

    I'm thinking of making a new project that will basically work on a long-term and short-term basis. I'm looking for someone who has design skills/javascript skills. We can share profit 50%50%. PM me for more details.
  16. joaquin112

    Scrapejet Question

    So I'm liking Scrapejet so far. I have a question, though. Why are all the backlinks from .aspx pages? How can I post to all kinds of blogs? I think I'm missing something here
  17. joaquin112

    Hiring BMR Writer. $1/150 word post. Need 150+ posts

    Just what the title says. PM me. Know this: BMR is very strict in their policies and I will only pay for approved articles. You will need at least decent grammar/spelling.
  18. joaquin112

    Is Anyone Making more Money than usual Today?

    Well I'm already $30 past my top record in Adsense, and there are still a few hours left to go. I'm attributing this to Wikipedia's blackout... has anyone else made more money today?
  19. joaquin112

    Is a book reading club forum good niche?

    Nah, there are A LOT already and cpc should be low. Not to mention low CTR in forums and lots of hard work to get anywhere.
  20. joaquin112

    Want to JV with one of my Huge Sites

    So I have a huge site that I don't have much time to work one anymore. I'm sad that its traffic is starting to drop as the months pass. This site is very unique and really awesome. In the hands of someone determined, it can make thousands per week. The site is a few years old. I'm willing...