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  1. nutserious


    Any folks from Boston -MA here? Just curious haha.
  2. nutserious

    Arriving to Boston Tomorrow

    Hey guys, It will be my first time visiting the US of A and living in Boston. I'm going there to attend graduate school in computer science. I was thinking, does anyone know how to find part time job? Mostly looking for jobs which pay cash under the table. The cost of rent is flipping crazy...
  3. nutserious

    [JV] Out Source Agency Set Up

    What Looking for a JV Partner who will be my business partner for an outsource agency I want to set up in my country. Why Want to take advantage of the human resource potential in my country and enter the rapidly growing out sourcing market. Benefit of having an Employee in the Agency The...
  4. nutserious

    JV Building an Outsource Agency

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who would be interested in setting building a JV to build a outsource agency. Like has anyone thought about, "man I have these clients and love to get my work outsourced, only if I had my own agency". Yeah, I want to build an agency like it by hiring...
  5. nutserious

    Facebook Ad Coupons

    Anyone know where I can get those $5 dollar coupons?
  6. nutserious

    Seriously the Basic: Account Creation

    How do you guys do it without exposing your personal identity. I just hate the phone verification and where I live, it VERY difficult to get SIM because they are tied to government identity card. I don't want to do churn and burn style because i want to grown these account and own it for...
  7. nutserious

    Owning multiple accounts, Why?

    Like why own more then one accounts? I'm seeing guys here making over 100s of accounts. What the goal of them? Is it really just to pump up the 'money' account to give it more authenticity by it having a large number of 'followers'? Because if thats really is the reason, one can spend 5 bucks...
  8. nutserious

    Need US/EU/UK or UAE number for Whatsapp verification

    Anyone know how or method? Most of the online service are using Twilo and whatsapp doesn't work on it.
  9. nutserious

    Expired Web 2.0 vs Web 2.0 blog creation/commeting

    Hello fellow passionate IMers, A bit of dilemma in web 2.0 backlinking. I'm getting an impression of creating a fresh tumblr blogs, livejournal blogs, blogspot and other popular web 2.0 is not as effective then registering an expired tumblr, blogspot which have a bit of page authority. People...
  10. nutserious

    Tools to group large list of keywords

    Anyone know of such tool? I prefer it to run offline but online will be fine. Only tool I know of which I'm using is this wordstream DOT com/keyword-grouper Using it only for to group large list of keyword into nice keyword to further understand them to generate content. Not for any PPC...
  11. nutserious

    Keyword Tool like Ubersuggest but global?

    Anyone know of tool like it which scrapes massive list of auto complete from Foogle data but is not region locked to, But global. I found one one but looking for better This is global as well but I wasn't satisfied with the results. Wasn't...
  12. nutserious

    Pinterest on fighting spam Why is every web industry trying to kill our livelihood? What's wrong with us trying make money on their platform?
  13. nutserious

    Recent Facebook API Changes

    Anyone have a rundown of it how it will affect our marketing? I'm really hoping they aren't cracking down on Facebook Custom Audience method. I still have to milk the method. :breakpc1:
  14. nutserious

    George's birth gave Britain a £390 million

    Oh bouyy... Anyone excited for the royal birth? Any blackhatters going to try to get their slice of the cake? 390 million pounds is hellla of a lot of money.
  15. nutserious

    SMS Desktop Managing software?

    I have a list of number, targeted people and want to SMS using my mobile carrier. The tools I've been successful is with Airdroid but looking for more independent, free robust software. Linking Desktop with Android to engage SMS Marketing.
  16. nutserious

    Quiz me

    Got an interview for a "SEO Job" tomorrow and this time, I'm going because of the location of the job. Not sure what they will be asking me. Anyone got particular topics which I could prepare for? One thing in my mind to review for is theory of .htaccess and robot.txt in SEO practice.
  17. nutserious

    Creating an Amazon Account

    Can non-US players make an account for Amazon Affiliate using fake address and receive earning?
  18. nutserious

    Scamming the scammers

    Ok.. cough it out boys, who is this here?
  19. nutserious

    Whois Protection DMCA bust proof

    Does having whois protection on domain name protect my domain hosting company from DMCA dogs? Even if the content is hosted on "onshore" Web hosting company?
  20. nutserious

    With the whole privacy invasion of Facebook drama How can we marketeers take advantage of this? From the articles, it means Facebook is allowing people like us have more information about people whom we want to target our products and services. But how do we gain access to this information? Facebook...