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  1. Jiung

    Quora Partners Journey

    I've been lurking around the forum and saw a thread on how you can make $1000 a day using quora to link to your CPA sites. While looking into it, I discovered a thing called Quora Partners and it seemed interesting so I looked into it. So apparently, you ask questions and based on the ad...
  2. Jiung

    Quiz Site Twist IM Journey

    Hello all! I've been gone for awhile but it's back as I have some newfound motivation to start my IM journey once again. A short background about me is that I'm a full time student, work as a server part-time, and do food delivery once or twice a week. Fun fact is that I started IM when I was...
  3. Jiung

    Jiung's Passive Amazon Affiliate Journey

    Hey guys! I've been away from BHW for awhile now due to starting college and working as a waiter. However, due to the pandemic, all my hours have been cut and I've been left alone at home to study with no work. I decided it was a great time to hop back into IM as my courseload isn't too...
  4. Jiung

    Hiring a VA to do product research on Aliexpress

    Must know their way around Aliexpress and preferably Reddit (PREFERRED). Must provide competitive pricing, I'm not looking to pay too much for this, it's dumb work. I'm spending too much time researching products that I don't have enough time to scale up. If you can do the job I am looking...
  5. Jiung

    [JV] Make money with your Reddit accounts!

    I'll keep it simple. I have my own twist on e-commerce and use Reddit as the primary source of traffic for sales. If you believe that Reddit isn't good for e-commerce sites, you aren't the partner for me. If you want to copy/paste with your Reddit accounts and earn an okay amount of $, you're...
  6. Jiung

    Journey - Making Bank w/ Reddit Accounts

    I've started a ton of these threads on BHW where I invested into different methods with some making a decent amount and some making nothing and eventually being dropped. Whenever I run out of bank, I turn to either content writing or Reddit, and I prefer Reddit. Close to all the methods that...
  7. Jiung

    WTV Aged PVA Pinterest Accounts

    Accounts should come with email (gmail/hotmail preferred over and should be aged (over 1 month). Should also be PVA. Account replacement under 48 hours if they don't work as well. Payment through PayPal only (Bitcoin prices are way too high) I'm looking for just 10 accounts to do...
  8. Jiung

    I passed

    I passed my driving permit test! I got only 7 wrong (out of 8 possible) out of 46. Now the wait towards my license test begins..
  9. Jiung

    [Merch by Amazon Journey] Using Social Media to DOMINATE Merch! Goal to 16k tier!

    Let's keep it simple. I have 2 Merch by Amazon accounts and want to make use of them. I know about their passive income potential, but as this is a NUMBERS game (more shirts = more sales), I want to tier up as much as possible. To do this, you need sales and getting sales to tier up from 10 is...
  10. Jiung

    Instagram + Shopify Dropshipping (50 accounts!) - Road to $500/day!

    I have gone through many adventures throughout my stay on this forum such as amazon affiliate sites, dropshipping through fb and reddit, and much more. As my primary purpose of my recent dropshipping site was to squeeze as much money as possible, so that I can have money to throw away on...
  11. Jiung

    [WTB] Looking for freelancer to edit Shopify product titles/description/remove images with branding

    Looking for a freelancer to log on to my Shopify site, go to Oberlo and edit the imported product's titles, description (copy/paste), and remove any images that seem to infringe copyright. Will teach and show you how I want it. Should be easy, but a bit time consuming job. Looking to pay...
  12. Jiung

    Aliexpress Dropshipping Taxes

    I've searched all over but I'm really not sure how to do this. How/what am I supposed to do for taxes for a dropshipping store? I am located in the USA. Do I need to pay taxes depending on the customers location? My location? I'm really confused. I know there's some dropshippers here, how do...
  13. Jiung

    Looking for Yelp Reviews

    Looking for a Yelp review supplier with affordable prices. Looking for 30+ reviews for a restaurant. PM me offers.
  14. Jiung

    What kind of picture/description do I give for an IG ecommerce site shoutout?

    So let's say I found someone willing to do a shoutout for me on their IG. What kind of picture should I give them to post and what kind of description? Anyone have any experience for buying any shoutouts from an influencer for their ecommerce site?
  15. Jiung

    [WTB] Weed Instagram Account Shout Out

    Max budget $15. If you have a Weed Acc, I want to post a shoutout on that account for my weed niche store. Must have high engagement. I don't really have a minimum follower or maximum follower rate, but you must have good engagement, comments, and be willing for a shoutout payment of at least...
  16. Jiung

    [WTB] Need People To Post On Reddit With Karma/Aged Acc

    Hello, looking for people to post on Reddit with decent Karma acc. Looking for at least 500 link karma and 700 comment karma. More is better. Looking for around $0.25-$0.75 per post but can adjust depending on how much karma you have. I'm already doing this with several for this rate, so I...
  17. Jiung

    Journey to $500 A Day - Shopify Dropshipping (Reddit/FB)

    This has to be my 500th journey here, but this one has to be the one I'm most excited about. Now, I've looked into the Shopify dropshipping method everyone was raving about before the Instagram+OGAds craze started, but couldn't get into it because I had no funds to do anything or test FB ads...
  18. Jiung

    [WTB] Reddit Comment Upvotes

    I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm looking for Reddit Comment Upvotes. I've seen marketplace threads for reddit thread upvotes (am currently using), but I have yet to find one for comments. Please PM or leave a comment below with rates please, don't just leave comments with "PM ME", I...
  19. Jiung

    Scaling FB Ads for Dropshipping Question

    So I recently got into dropshipping and I've received around 50 sales or so, but I have some questions about scaling. 1. If I found a profitable campaign, would scaling it mean basically increasing the budget everyday according to cashflow? Ex: Spending $50 would net me $100, so once the ad...
  20. Jiung

    [Journey] Low-Cost CPA Journey

    I am making this journey as it is a bit different from the journey's that I have created on this forum before. For all of my sites, I stuck to Amazon as the ROI was definitely better than the other verticals. However, I decided to venture a bit further and try out a type of keyword that I have...