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  1. bluemonster

    Adult Toy Dropshipper

    I've Pm'd you. Check the product page and use the contact form or skype ID>
  2. bluemonster

    Adult content site - worth it anymore?

    @ WOAIP - Good to hear. one of our clients to whom we setup a video streaming site - was also on the right track w/ no black hat stuff .. getting some traction now. but it all takes time. For all these things - you need a solid tech platform.
  3. bluemonster

    Adult Toy Dropshipper

    I don't know whether people are still looking for a dropshipper. I run the technology part to setup your own adult toy store which comes with drop shipping API and high risk payment gateway integrated. after several research - finally narrowed down few drop shippers. Integrated ADS and...
  4. bluemonster

    [Giveaway] Micro Niche Keywords

    I'm in too :) thanks in advance.
  5. bluemonster

    Best Marketplace Script Similar to eBay, Etsy?

    TheFancy is a marketplace where multiple sellers can sell their products with a touch of social commerce. The eBay or any marketplace script is just a multivendor script, but when it comes to fancy - the buying happens with heavy influence of social media. Its all in all a social networking...
  6. bluemonster

    [Robots.txt] What is the correct User agent for Adsense Crawl

    Happen to face Google adsense crawl error, found the fix. It says, to make adsense to crawl your pages and show targetted ads, add these lines on top of robots.txt. User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow: But my robots.txt file has already had this lines User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*...
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    question on backing up wordpress blogs

    Do you have a large dB our small one? If small dB you can use plugins and send them to dropbox out FWD to email. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
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    Easy way to make money, anyone can do this, if you do the work!

    It's his personal opinion and that was not harsh. In a polite manner he avoided :-) Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  9. bluemonster

    Easy way to make money, anyone can do this, if you do the work!

    absolutely.. follow up. There is a saying - 80% of the sales are made in 5th contact. FOLLOW UP.
  10. bluemonster

    My Social Mdia Plan for getting seo benefit - Live Case Study

    Nice idea. looking forward to your results. afaik, facebook likes doesn't impact much in SEO.
  11. bluemonster

    Premium AUTHORITY Sites in Easy Untapped Foreign Markets SEO included (UPDATED)

    Now this post gave me a new perspective on starting micro niche foreign sites (other than english). thanks for the idea !
  12. bluemonster

    Thanks BHW - 500th Post Tips For Newbies

    I have to congratulate you for this post and thank you for introducing me Eric thomas, been listening to his videos and a hour long speech at affiliate summit 2012. You have showed me a great motivational speaker. Thank you so much from the heart :)
  13. bluemonster

    My Son Was Born This Morning :)

    congratulations. The hours of hard work has paid you off :P
  14. bluemonster

    [GET] 10k twitter ID list, Health niche

    useless list. none of the handles are from health niche. all fake/worthless accounts.
  15. bluemonster

    [Free] Micro niche sites contest for BHW members

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Count me in, will do the formalities :)
  16. bluemonster

    Get Free Niche Keywords - Low Competition

    Niche : Home & Garden Keyword : Replacement Windows Cost
  17. bluemonster

    Six Tips for Using Psychology in Online Marketing

    Good One. Rep'd you. You deserve for posting this useful guide. Atleast for showing some resources.
  18. bluemonster

    $$$s of easy money in days (recurring cash)

    Spend some hours reading the entire thread. Eye opener for many !
  19. bluemonster

    Easy web design leads

    Nice idea. thanks :)