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  1. MisterF

    SEOpress to add instant indexing soon

    They announced that WP SEO plugin SEOpress will be introducing instant indexing soon, might be another reason to ditch Yoast
  2. MisterF

    Unlocking BSTs ASAP

    I've renewed my Jr VIP. Reported my BSTS hours ago to get them reopened. Replied to the support ticket email asking for them to be reopened. 5-6 hours later still not unlocked !!!
  3. MisterF

    UnlimPhotos Lifetime Deal: Royalty-Free Stock Photos (Freebie)

    UnlimPhotos Lifetime Deal: Royalty-Free Stock Photos (Freebie)
  4. MisterF

    Your Jr. VIP Membership membership will expire in 1 days.

    I had the 3 day reminder email while travelling. Opened a support ticket; reference 224077 because I have no button to pay for the upgrade. Had the 1 day reminder overnight, but not had my ticket opened. Can someone send me a payment link so my BSTs don't get locked. Cheers.
  5. MisterF

    Bye Bye Alexa

    Alexa is retiring on May 1, 2022. Source
  6. MisterF

    Google December Update - Product Reviews Pages

    Here it comes.
  7. MisterF

    Ahrefs is moving to New Pricing in 2022

    Ahrefs is moving to New Pricing in 2022! We’ve been continuously developing our product, expanding our infrastructure, improving our data and releasing new useful features. But our pricing structure has barely changed since 2015. So in early 2022 we’ll be introducing the new usage-based...
  8. MisterF

    Grayscale Investments And Solana

    Grayscale Investments is launching a product that will solely and passively invest in solana The move comes as the crypto sees an eye-popping 10,000% rally since the start of 2021. The fund is available to individual and institutional investors with an investment minimum of $25,000 and an...
  9. MisterF

    Covid Test Results

    I'm travelling next week so needed to get tests done. I've just got the results.
  10. MisterF

    Expired Domains And Google Ranking Bonus

    In a Google Office-hours hangout Google’s John Mueller answered whether reviving content on a parked domain would have any kind of ranking advantage. Google’s John Mueller explained how Google handles expired domains.
  11. MisterF

    GoDaddy Breached – Plaintext Passwords – 1.2M Affected

    This morning, GoDaddy disclosed that an unknown attacker had gained unauthorized access to the system used to provision the company’s Managed WordPress sites, impacting up to 1.2 million of their WordPress customers. Note that this number does not include the number of customers of those...
  12. MisterF

    How to have sex for $7

    A couple, both age 78, went to a sex therapist's office. The doctor asked, "What can I do for you?" The man said, "Will you watch us have sex?" The doctor looked puzzled, but agreed. When the couple finished, the doctor said, "There's nothing wrong with the way you have sex," and charged them...
  13. MisterF

    3 Free courses Build a Bundle: The 2021 Ultimate Learn to Code Training

    Description Courses Offered 1 Hour CSS 1 Hour Javascript 1 Hour HTML Whether you want to be the next Zuckerberg, earn 78k a year, or just interested in learning the very basics of coding and programming, your journey starts here. This bundle gives you 3 hands-on courses on CSS, JavaScript, and...
  14. MisterF

    International Search Summit Barcelona - Who is going to be there?

    Barcelona International Search Summit 18 November 2021 | World Trade Center Barcelona
  15. MisterF

    Transfer Sale starts in 3 days Namecheap

    Upto 65% discount, check your emails.
  16. MisterF

    ETH at all time high

    It would be nice to see it break the $4500 mark.
  17. MisterF

    Why People Dabble / Invest / Gamble In Crypto

    Commodities such as Gold are safe, but aren't making the profits. Stocks and Shares outside the Dow or Footsie can also be quite risky. Dividends from the top companies are usually consistent at best. Bank accounts, earn a whopping 0.5-1 % Then when people see charts like this, they then...
  18. MisterF

    BTC to break $65k before Dec 31st 2021?

    Current all time high $64,888.99 Wasn't far from $63.3k earlier today.
  19. MisterF

    FTC warns companies it's cracking down on fake online reviews

    The FTC said it sent Notice of Penalty Offenses to more than 700 companies and was "placing them on notice." These companies face fines of up to $43,792 per violation that the agency finds any...
  20. MisterF

    BTC to break $60k again this month?

    I think it has a great chance of breaking this and then pushing upwards once again.