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    Are you Vegan?

    My friend is is I enjoy some of her recipes and recently discover chick pea flour (currently addicted )
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    Homeowners phone leads in Georgia SMS looking to monetize

    I can do a lot of visitors on the home remodeling/construction Visitors will visit the partner sites and make phone calls to a specified number. Region - USA. (Atlanta) Homeowners Traffic Sources - SMS marketing. I am looking for an affiliate program on this. Offers - in PM, please
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    Looking to configure botchief or any other software to create bulk yahoo accts

    I believe so I do have phone numbers but is faster if I just verified them with a software that creating email from scratch
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    Looking to configure botchief or any other software to create bulk yahoo accts

    Looking to hire an expert to configure botchief or other method to create yahoo accts PM thanks
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    $$$ FB Marketing G.I - Get More Sales / More Leads - WITHOUT Spending on Facebook Ads $$$

    How many messages can you send per day per account in order not to get ban??
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    [METHOD] Learn How To Invite All Your Facebook Friends To Fan Page iMacros+Greasemonkey

    Do you have an update script for this ? your help would be really appreciated
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    Looking to hire a Clad trainer

    Looking to hire a clad trainer to help me set up clad with a few ads ,captcha and an ip solution please pm with your price an availability
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    Need some software setting up a SMS campaign

    I'm in need of a software that can clean up phone numbers that I already sent a message to so that I'm not spamming people. I constantly get new phone numbers but occasionally I have repeat inquiries. I tried to illustrate an example of what I'm talking about in the photo below. Any ideas are...
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    Call center

    I have 2 bases in South America (Hispanic Latino Market) hit me up if you are interest in a call center with Spanish speaking reps
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    Convert uids to fb emails I'm gettting this ?_rdr=p at facebook dot com next to the uid

    Is this software "MOST COMPLETE FACEBOOK MARKETING SOFTWARE" allows me to gather contact emails to create a custom audience ? what you guys used this days to scrape and create custom audiences thank you in advance
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    Convert uids to fb emails I'm gettting this ?_rdr=p at facebook dot com next to the uid

    I haven't use SLF in several months I'm trying to start a campaign using a custom audience any ideas that could work for that thankss
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    Convert uids to fb emails I'm gettting this ?_rdr=p at facebook dot com next to the uid

    I been trying to convert uids to fb emails I tried everything but no luck so far when I used SLF coverter I get this next to some emails ?_rdr=p at facebook dot com any feedback thanks
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    Any software to switch IP without getting disconected using dial-up internet ?

    I already have dial-up and and does change the ip when reset it the internet connection but it takes too long to re-connect any advise to make it faster or do I need another internet connection within the same computer if I operate from a remote computer
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    Need telemarketers or call centers to work on a hourly basis

    I sent you a PM but for some reason is not reflecting on my Sent msg folder can you please let me know if you received thanks
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    AXELIAN'S SHOP: Landing Pages//Custom Graphics//Editing :D

    I'm looking to buy a landing page for a cab service biz Pm with your price or if you know that someone that have done it successfully thanks
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    How to claim a city on fb places ?

    I tried to claim a small city in FB places what would be the process since you dont have the option claim this as your business? Thank you in advance PMs are welcome
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    I own a small surf hostel in Peru I tried Facebook but I not getting results

    I finally move out and stop hustlin like back on the days I was able to set up a surf house in front of the beach (world class wave for surfers) I start adding people that surf one by one I got results but is not enough to drive people the place that I am is surfer target audience the place is...
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    Bidding and budget Adwords

    Hi there I'm still new to adwords and I already loose some money trying to get a share of this cake I'm not promoting CPA I just trying to expand my local Biz to a new avenue anyway my question is How should I set this up Bidding and budget properly and minimize the cost without affect the...
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    Selling facebook accounts with 2k, 3k and 5k friends

    MoneyRocks as I can't PM yet. Could you PM your info I would like to buy a 3K FB acct thanks