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    Adcenter + Peerfly to $100+ day

    Okay, I'm going to start a thread here both for myself and others who are struggling to make money online. I've tried a lot of different methods but I'm still struggling to make any $$, so I'm going to post what I'm doing here and hopefully I'll be able to get some advice plus point others in...
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    Anyone use shopicard?

    Has anyone used shopicard with success? I purchased a FB ad account from them in July and they sent me a VCC instead. Support won't respond to emails. Are they legit with bad customer service or just another scammer?
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    Conversion rates dropping

    I've been promoting a dating offer on FB for the past several weeks. For the first week, my CR was around 15%....a week later, it'd dropped to around 9% and now I am between 4-5%. My question is - does it have to do with the demographic (I doubt this because the audience is 2mil+)? Am I getting...
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    Facebook Ads: Am I getting Fake Clicks, Bots? Please help.

    I could use a little insight on a problem I am having with Facebook ads. I started a campaign today and the numbers are really quite off. According to Facebook, I've received 118 clicks from them. However, when I look at the numbers in Prosper, I can only account for around 60 actual clicks...
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    Failed billing accounts? What are they used for?

    I've seen several people buying failed billing accounts. I'm really curious - what are they used for?