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    using links on your site to your same site

    I see this a lot, is there any point to this? Like say someone has a domain: And say there is a page on that site: So then on a different page on his site, he'll be like "blah blah blah, learn about keyword 1" and it's a link to that page. But obviously...
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    Is Google Instant ********ing up anyone else's number of visitors today?

    There are reports that "Google Instant makes SEO irrelevant" All my pages are WAY low on visitors today.
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    how the hell do you sign up for Wetpaint?

    And create a page? There used to be an option to do so right there on their homepage, but they just changed their home page and there is no "sign up" or "join" option or "create" option or anything else. I hate it when websites change.
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    Case study: How much money do you think this guy makes? (links to sites)

    In my travels through the matrix I found a bunch of websites that are presumably by the same guy because: a) they are all exactly the same b) he spammed the fvck out of all of them, often times in the same spam comment on the same blog Like literally, this guy's spam comments are like (Forex...
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    What the fuck, did MTV buy Quizilla?

    I have some quizilla blogs, all of which are offline. And redirects to Wtf is going on?
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    Let's say I have an "employee"

    Say I have a writer who writes articles for me. Say I pay him for those articles. I also write off the cost of those articles as a business expense, the same as I would a training seminar, or a computer specifically for business, or the way I write off the cost of webhosting. Say throughout...
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    Is Ezinearticles registration fucked for anyone else?

    I register, get my confirmation email, try to sign in and it says "invalid username/password." So I doublecheck everything and it's correct. I do a "reset my password" and it says "this email address is not registered." Um yes it is assholes, you just sent me a confirmation email to that...
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    Does anyone know when's rank checker will be back online?

    This is the only rank checking program that I can stand to use, but it has been broken for the last 2 days (won't show results). Does anyone have any idea when it's going to be back up, or can suggest an acceptable substitute? Thanks.
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    Is Hubpages registration broken for anyone else?

    Clicking "create my account" doesn't work, the next page doesn't load. IE says "error on page." It doesn't work in IE or FF. Is this happening for anyone else? Thanks.
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    Is blog creation broken for you guys? (screenshot)

    Go to Click on "sign up" Enter your info and the captcha. Do you see this? Their tech support is telling me that it is working correctly, but I don't think it is. I'm pretty sure 500 Internal Service Error is something broken on THEIR side, not on my computer.
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    PSA: There are no "quick" methods

    From time to time, threads pop up that say things like "I need a quick $200" or "does anyone have a method that can make me a quick $50?" This is implying that there are methods that can be used in an emergency to make quick money that cannot be used at other times. It's like when you're...
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    Is it illegal now to cloak affiliate links with redirects?

    I don't do affiliate sales, I'm just curious because I remember hearing something about this a year ago but I don't know if the law ever got passed or whatever. And don't you have to identify your affiliate links as affiliate links now? Like "blah blah blah resveratrol acai steroid forex...
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    Another 1 hour Q&A session with mollah - beginning now!

    I have another hour to kill while I wait for some stuff to do its thing. The last one: And the best thread ever posted on BHW which answers most questions...
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    Is Articlesbase registration down for anyone else?

    For the last week I've been trying to create accounts and I never get the confirmation email. I click "Resend my confirmation email" a bunch but I never get one. Is this happening for anyone else? lol new smiley I just saw over on the right --> :cat3:
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    I will answer all your questions about IM for the next hour. Ask me anything.

    For all you cool people who are in on a Friday night working instead of going out, I will give you no-BS answers to your IM questions for the next hour while I sit here waiting for some things to finish that I am waiting for. The only thing I won't talk about is how I make money, because as you...
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    is easyjournal down for anyone else?

    Fucking site goes down all the time. [/B]
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    So a year ago I wrote a book about autoblogging...

    I was into building autoblogs back in the day and I realized that all the tutorials and everything out there sucked, so I learned how to do everything myself and then chronicled everything into a book. A legit, detailed book, with screenshots of every screen and every setting all the plugins...
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    does MBP ping optimizer not work with WP 2.9.2 - resolved

    I've used it for the last year and loved it (stops excessive pinging) but I've been trying to install it on some new version 2.9.2 blogs tonight and it's not showing up in the plugin list. Anyone else have this issue? edit - It works if I upload it manually through the hostgator cPanel. I was...